• Air date: 17 Nov '23 8 episodes
      A family hiding a shocking secret starts over in Madrid, where new relationships complicate their plans and the past begins to catch up with them.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. The Lake

      17 Nov '23
      Gloria, Abel and Aitana get a new houseguest settled in. As the aftermath of Germán and Caterina's accident unfolds, Fernando recalculates.
    • 2. Away from God

      17 Nov '23
      Just as the family reaches a tenuous truce, a local tragedy attracts a sharp-eyed detective's attention. Abel meets someone important to Germán.
    • 3. The Door

      17 Nov '23
      Desperate to hold onto Nico, Natalia complicates Gloria and Fernando's deal. Aitana finds unexpected solace and support. Blanca and Ramón seek answers.
    • 4. Eye Opener

      17 Nov '23
      Under scrutiny, Gloria comes up with a plan to redirect the police's attention. Abel finds himself caught in a triangle. Felipe follows a clue.
    • 5. Buenos Aires

      17 Nov '23
      Natalia takes matters into her own hands. As Manu faces the truth about Germán, Pedro scrambles to hold onto Ana. Blanca copes with grief.
    • 6. Hair Down

      17 Nov '23
      Shaken by a revelation, Aitana searches for safe haven. Gloria proposes a pact with Pedro, while Caterina sets out to fix a problem.
    • 7. Kid for Kid

      17 Nov '23
      As Gloria and Natalia's battle reaches a boiling point, old grudges and new alliances lead to a heated confrontation. Meanwhile, Pedro hits a roadblock.
    • 8. Holy Family

      17 Nov '23
      Blanca unburdens herself. Many paths converge at the airport, where more than one family's future hangs in the balance.