• Air date: 09 Feb '20 8 episodes
      Forensic psychiatrist Fokke Augustinus makes an unexpected career change when he inherits his father's mansion in Groningen where he becomes involved with a criminal organization with a marijuana plantation on his father's land.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Picking Up the Pieces

      09 Feb '20
      Fokke tries to keep things together but has to pick up the pieces. Lara's underground action gets a deadly sequel with far-reaching consequences for the entire family. Machteld also faces a deadly dilemma and teaches that grace is an elastic concept. Talia gets a story but gets more than what she asked for.
    • 2. The Earth Gives

      16 Feb '20
      Fokke tries to regain control of the company by burying its problems, but is overtaken by the past. Machteld has its own ways to clean up loose ends and goes beyond a border. Great news causes a landslide within the family and puts everything in a different light.
    • 3. Dying Breath

      23 Feb '20
      The east wind brings cold air, but that is not the only problem. A sinkhole with a mass grave on your land is also not a piss, but it helps if you want to capitalize on your deadly reputation. That is exactly what Fokke needs to regain the motivation of his men. There is something ominous in the air.
    • 4. Fok

      01 Mar '20
      Fokke sees his grip on the company increase, but a blind spot is fatal to him. He may have everyone back together; it is precisely family ties that tear up the family. Lara goes to battle with her demons and does not allow herself to be sacrificed. At Hollands Hoop, insanity becomes the new normal when a new resident is added.
    • 5. Weed World

      08 Mar '20
      Progress takes the family farther from home. A new world presents itself with new problems. Also for Fokke who, with the help of Pepijn, is busy tapping into new markets. Machteld is also looking for growth and finds satisfaction with Rinus and the women. An unhealthy phenomenon develops between Machteld and Lara.
    • 6. Purple Haze

      15 Mar '20
      With Liesbeth's recovery her influence within the Augustine family also grows, and that is not necessarily bad. Rinus also has his influence on the family and that is not necessarily good.
    • 7. Weed Is Greed

      22 Mar '20
      Rinus disrupts more than is good for him and Fokke lets him know that too; after all, only one can be in charge. But pride also has a downside. Although Fokke is in charge again, it is lonely at the top. He threatens to alienate everyone. If he wants to maintain his position within the family and the community, he will have to celebrate. It will be a day to remember.
    • 8. The Butcher of Hensema

      29 Mar '20
      The family is back to square one and even threatens to fall apart. Nothing and no one is the same and that is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, if you stand with your back against the wall, you can at least still push yourself off. It is time to take stock and pay. With old habits, the past and a common enemy. Heads should roll, but with so much venom: who still keeps his head?