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      Air date: 25 Apr '21 11 episodes
      His Storyy season 1 has 11 episodes. It is a drama web-series starring Satyadeep Mishra, Priya Mani Raj and Mrinal Datt. Season 1 for His Storyy aired on 25 Apr '21 and available to watch online on streaming platform ZEE5.
  • List of Episodes (11)
    • Kunal and Sakshi have a grand opening for their new restaurant, Saffron. At the party, Kunal is surprised to see Preet, and Sonakshi creates a ruckus when she spots her husband’s girlfriend.
    • To make up for her mistake, Sakshi invites Preet and Rati for a game night where she and Preet have an intense conversation. Later, when Rafia finds Preet’s phone, she rushes to the parking lot to return it.
    • The three families go for an outing where Jhanvi and Ved perform at the open mic night at Saffron club. Later, Shivaay finds some obscene pictures in Ved’s phone, and Sakshi catches Preet and Kunal sharing an intimate moment.
    • 5. History

      25 Apr '21
      Sakshi meets Preet and gives him a piece of her mind. During cricket practice, Ved hurls a ball at Shivaay. Later, Kunal confesses about his relationship with Preet to Sakshi.
    • Sakshi and Kunal decide to split and she makes a shocking announcement at Nihal and Loveleen’s anniversary party. Sakshi seeks Sonakshi’s advice and later confronts Kunal and asks him to move out. Meanwhile, Shivaay encourages Jhanvi to get back to school.
    • Nihal reveals on social media that Sakshi and Preet are having an affair. This irks Kunal and he visits Nihal’s office to give him a piece of his mind. However, things get worse and Nihal follows Kunal to Preet’s house.
    • An upset Shivaay runs away from home, but Kunal manages to bring him back. Meanwhile, everyone is desperately trying to keep their lives in order.
    • Kunal and Sakshi’s divorce is finalised. Rafia invites everybody over for dinner where Kunal announces that he is getting married to Preet. Later, Preet is attacked by some strangers.
    • The police investigate the attack on Preet, but he refuses to cooperate with them. Sakshi decides to organise Kunal and Preet’s engagement party, but Preet gets cold feet.