Haunted Highway : Season 1

    • Air date: 03 Jul '12 6 episodes
  • List of Episodes (6)

    1. Bear Lake Beast; Vergas Hairy Man

    • Strange creatures are sought in Utah and Minnesota in the debut of a series featuring paranormal investigations at locales along remote roads.

    2. Darkman of Standing Rock; Blackstar Shadow Man

    • Investigators explore the North Dakota prairie on horseback as they search for a creature who hunts weak souls.

    3. Utah Skinwalker; Ozark Howler

    • Jack and Dana track a shape-shifting demon while Devin and Jael search for a howling Ozark creature.

    4. El Dorado Hell Hounds; Georgia Skinstealer

    • Spectral dogs are sought in Nevada, and the search for a demon unfolds in Georgia.

    5. Louisiana Swamp Woman; Pioneer Cemetery

    • A Louisiana swamp and a pioneer cemetery are visited.

    6. Silver City Ghost Town; Shunka Warakin

    • An Old West ghost town in Idaho is visited for a paranormal probe, and a prairie monster is sought in Montana in the Season 1 finale.