• Air date: 09 Oct '23 6 episodes
      Season Two follows former literature professor, Harry Wild, who has found an unusual pastime in retirement: solving crimes along with her young partner in PI work, Fergus Reid. When Fergus’s mother suddenly turns up, years after abandoning her family, they have a deeply personal mystery to solve: What are her intentions? And can he trust her?
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Silence Dogood Did Bad

      09 Oct '23
      When Ray is murdered, Harry and Fergus will stop at nothing to find the killer.
    • 2. The Village Has Eyes

      09 Oct '23
      Harry and Fergus look into a woman’s disappearance from a village with a history of devil worship.
    • 3. A Botox a Day Keeps the Mortician in Pay

      16 Oct '23
      When a maid of honor is poisoned at a bachelorette party, Harry and Fergus have plenty of suspects.
    • 4. Orla Wild's Wicked Wicked Ways

      23 Oct '23
      When an old friend is framed for murder, Orla must ask the last person she wants to for help—Harry.
    • 5. Episode 5

      30 Oct '23
    • 6. Episode 6

      06 Nov '23