• Air date: 10 Mar '23 4 episodes
      Meet the Dholakias, a family of four generations living under one roof, as they navigate the ups and downs of their lives. While they appear to be picture perfect, they are endearingly, heartbreakingly human, each with their unique quirks and quibbles. Follow their journey as they try their best to navigate through all the things life throws at them.
  • List of Episodes (4)
    • The picture-perfect Dholakia Family are four generations living under one roof. In a light hearted family game of Truth or Dare, it is revealed that Sanjuoy and Tisca are planning to move out. Ramesh is utterly shattered by this news. Hemlata’s meddling causes a rift between the otherwise close mother-in-law and daughter in law.
    • Hemlata is up in arms about her younger son Suresh marrying a Kenyan American woman. As tensions rise between Tisca and Pallavi, Mansukh intervenes and sorts out their differences. Late at night as Hemlata watches TV, she notices that Tisca’s design has been copied by a famous fashion designer. She also discovers that the jewellery gifted by her mother-in-law too has been stolen.
    • Ramesh meets Sanju’s business partner Diana. Meanwhile, the police visit the Dholakia family home, investigating the jewellery theft. Hemlata’s post on social media against the famous fashion designer brings a storm in Tisca’s life, so much so that she breaks down and reveals her secret.
    • When Tisca reveals that Napoleon has offered her a job, Ramesh gets upset that his children are taking decisions independently. Mansukh suggests a family trip to repair their family’s bonds. Sanju convinces Ramesh to surprise Pallavi for their anniversary. In Matheran, instead of ironing out their differences, they erupt into arguments and Aryan disappears.