• Air date: 15 May '18 8 episodes
      This unique web series revolves around two young girls – Tara and Anika, who are interning at Grazia and aspiring to make a mark in the world of high fashion, style and Bollywood.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. The Interview

      15 May '18
      What's the first day of work like at a fashion magazine? Coffee runs or glamorous photo-shoots? Here's a peek into the everyday hustle through the eyes of two interns. Watch what's in store for them when they turn up for an interview at the editorial office of Grazia.
    • 2. Blame Game

      15 May '18
      Thrown into the deep on their official first week at work with a cover shoot, watch Tara and Anika manoeuvre their way through all the mayhem that follows. From sourcing to lost packages and stained shoot clothes. Watch how things begin to unravel for the two interns.
    • 3. The Cover Shoot

      22 May '18
      A Celebrity cover shoot – sounds like a lot of fun right? Find out what exactly happens behind the scenes – how much work goes behind creating that one shot, how the Grazia India team prepares and executes a magazine cover with a famous Bollywood celebrity, Sonakshi Sinha. From pressing clothes to bringing coffee, preparing accessories to missing models - will Anika and Tara be able to handle all the work – or will one of them be left behind?
    • 4. The Feature Piece

      22 May '18
      What happens when the Editor of Grazia India asks an intern to prove herself in front of a famous fashion designer, Masaba Gupta? Dealing with the attention and the responsibility can be tough for a new intern - don’t you think? Relationships, friendships, work – everything is put to a test. In Episode 4 of Intern Diaries the stage is all set for a tough competition – will Anika and Tara remain friends or will work pressure drive them apart?
    • 5. The Unfortunate Meeting

      29 May '18
      Ethics, accountability, presence of mind, teamwork - everything is tested in this episode where Anika and Tara are really put to the test. How do you decide what is right and what is wrong? Is an individual more important than the organization? Working for India’s leading fashion magazine is NOT an easy task and the girls find this out the hard way
    • 6. The Passing Certificate

      29 May '18
      Grazia India’s toughest task master – Akbar Dada is ready for Anika and Tara. The man who works the hardest behind the scenes to make the magazine look fabulous, is also the man who can make interns cry! From designer sourcing (Anita Dongre) to working on set to dealing with tough sales people - Anika and Tara are put through their paces, while Ira and Pasham are worried they will end up with no interns if the girls don’t pass the test! Will love come in the way or can the girls make it?
    • 7. The Last Hurdle

      05 Jun '18
      Mehernaaz is stuck in a tough spot due to some miscommunication and now Anika and Tara are being allowed to work on the biggest shoot of their lives, while Mehernaaz and Ritu are away! From cargo offices to sourcing at designer boutiques (Manish Malhotra) – the girls work hard, balancing personal and professional lives and finding out that the world of fashion isn’t all about glamour and celebrities, but requires real grit and determination.
    • 8. The One

      05 Jun '18
      In the final episode, the entire Grazia India team is working hard to get the magazine issue to close. Everything that can go wrong, goes wrong on a big Manish Malhotra shoot, while the girls have to do everything alone on an outdoor location. Though both of them have learnt a lot and are finding their own niche in the big world fashion – only one of them will get the job in the end and Mehernaaz is the only one who will decide who that will be.