Grand Hotel : Season 1

    • Air date: 10 May '11 9 episodes
  • List of Episodes (9)

    1. The Maid in the Lake

    • When Julio arrives at the hotel to visit his sister Cristina, he learns that she has vanished after being fired. Unaware of the danger he puts himself into, he poses as a waiter to find out the truth while falling for the stunning daughter of the house.

    2. The Maid in the Lake (2)

    • Julio Olmedo travels to the Grand Hotel to visit his sister who works there as a maid. He discovers that she is missing and begins investigating her disappearance.

    3. El Cuchillo de Oro

    4. La Casa Abandonada

    5. Luna de Sangre

    6. La Joya Desaparecida

    7. La Carta Robada

    8. La Sangre de la Doncella

    9. La Huella