• Air date: 07 Jan '22 11 episodes
      A serial killer is targetting the literary greats of Kolkata. Private 'defective' Gourab Sen, aka Gora, has a reputation as a serial killer specialist. No wonder it falls upon the eccentric detective to unmask the killer!
  • List of Episodes (11)
    • Three writers get killed in a ghastly fashion. Gora predicts that another writer will bite the dust soon; he seems to have identified the common thread between the murders.
    • Gora throws a bait to uncover the truth of Supriya's disappearance. Somlata comes to Gora with a fascinating problem.
    • 3. Aparichita

      07 Jan '22
      Tanmay Talukder knows a lot more about Supriya than he lets on. Somlata lands in a precarious situation once again.
    • Gora comes across a fact that may form the motive behind the writers' murders. Someone completely unexpected walks into the trap laid by Gora and the police.
    • 5. Kaalmrigaya

      07 Jan '22
      Somlata has a hard time explaining her presence at the scene of the attempted murder. Gora baits the serial killer again.
    • 6. Shesher Ratri

      07 Jan '22
    • 7. Shasti

      07 Jan '22
    • 8. Samapti

      07 Jan '22
    • 10. Shasti

      07 Jan '22
      Gora brings forth all the people involved in the dreadful murders and their motives behind being so but one piece of the puzzle is still missing.
    • 11. Samapti

      07 Jan '22
      Turns out the line between the prey and the predator is blurred. However, things are not as complicated on Somlata's end.