• Air date: 10 Feb '23 8 episodes
      The seemingly perfect lives of four childhood friends get intertwined in the maze of a secret game of seduction. But when the game turns fatal, the secret that can ruin them becomes the only thing that can save them!
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. A Deadly Game

      10 Feb '23
      The usual chit-chat of four lifelong friends turns into a nightmare when Chandrima, reeling from the discovery of her husband's extramarital affair, drags the others into a deadly game.
    • 2. Damsels in Distress

      10 Feb '23
      While the three friends make calculated first moves in the secret game, Chandrima's move almost derails their efforts.
    • 3. First Date

      10 Feb '23
      On the first date, the three women throw dirt at each other's picture-perfect marriages. But what happens when the husbands start unmasking their wives?
    • 4. It was Love

      10 Feb '23
      Chandrima's sudden death forces the three friends to wrap the truth in lies without realizing there's one person who knows it all. The hide-and-seek trail takes a drastic turn with a shocking revelation.
    • 5. Who is to Blame?

      10 Feb '23
      The blame game becomes the worst nightmare for Bishakha. Meanwhile, the police bring in Suresh for interrogation, which baffles the others.
    • 6. Another Game?

      10 Feb '23
      When Suresh is about to spill the beans, the three friends become desperate to secure their alibies. But, soon they realise that their husbands are playing a game of their own.
    • 7. End is Near

      10 Feb '23
      Leaving her friends in the dark, Chandrima lured their husbands into another deadly game. Will the rocky trails of the two games ever intersect?
    • 8. Scandal and Climax

      10 Feb '23
      The cross-questioning of police with the three couples leads to more confusion around Chandrima's whereabouts. To everyone's shock, the climax ends with another fall.