• Air date: 29 Oct '21 9 episodes
      Three independent flatmates find themselves embroiled in a complicated murder case when Samarth, a lawyer, is killed by one of them. Things get darker when the CBI takes charge of the investigation.
  • List of Episodes (9)
    • A girl kills her friend's rapist in self-defence. As the police investigate the case, the girl and her friend try to prove their innocence to the tough-looking cop in charge of the investigation.
    • The girls are proven innocent in the court of law, but they find it difficult to leave behind the horrific incident and get back to their normal lives. Things get twisted when the CBI enters the picture.
    • 5. The Arrest

      29 Oct '21
      With loads of media attention and pressure, the CBI's ego gets hurt. Without any concrete evidence in hand, they manage to design the most glamorised arrest of the three girls.
    • The girls are traumatised and can't see a ray of hope when the court asks the CBI to finish their investigation. The court's order comes as a big relief to the girls and a slap to the CBI.
    • The CBI finds a loophole in the story and is sure about the involvement of a fourth person in the murder, which rules out self-defence. Officer Iyer visits the girls' house to recreate the incident.