Girl In The City : Season 3

    • Air date: 13 Jul '18 7 episodes
  • List of Episodes (7)

    1. New Beginnings

    2. 3

    • Meera Sehgal's independence seems to come at a price.but can she bear the cost of her new life?

    3. Chapter 3

    • "Meera's magic is turning into Meera's mess! .What is life throwing at her or should we say ""who"" is life throwing at her?

    4. Chapter 3

    • Problems seem to be never-ending for Meera Sehgal!.But but but! Kuch amazing is on the way for her ;)

    5. Chapter 3

    • Things are starting to look promising!.But someone's here, Meera ke hopes ko solid punch dene.

    6. Chapter 3

    • What went so terribly wrong for Meera? ?.

    7. Dead End

    • Fam, Meera is giving up! :(.Is this the end of her dreams?

    8. Chapter 3

    • Life gyaan mein most important chapter hain - Knowing your self-worth! 💁🏻‍.

    9. Chapter 3

    • Teamwork makes the dream work, right? .We can see y'all nodding!

    10. Chapter 3

    • Kartik has a crazy idea on his mind! Confusing relationships ke beech, how will he convince Meera to come on board the plan? .

    11. Chapter 3

    • BFFs and now business partners? Say whaaaaa!.Also, Sam ek badi problem mein hai guys!

    12. Chapter 3

    • Paiso ke jhamele mein, Areem is plotting something evil again! How will Meera, Kartik and Sam sort out this mess?.

    13. Chapter 3

    • It's been one hell of a crazy ride for our favourite #GirlInTheCity, Meera Sehgal. .