• Air date: 09 Jul '18 14 episodes
      Second Season of the final arc of Gintama.
  • List of Episodes (14)
    • 1. The Evildoers Who Do Good

      09 Jul '18
      The other half of silver soul arc starts.
    • 2. Rabbits Jump High on Moonlit Nights

      15 Jul '18
      Kagura senses Yato presence and runs off to stop them, and she has some unexpected backup!
    • 3. Making a Dull World Interesting

      22 Jul '18
      With the Earth's Altana reserves going berserk, and the Flame of Kagutsuchi nearly ready to fire, the Kiheitai are left with hard choices to make in order to prevent the destruction of Earth and the entire galaxy.
    • 4. Do something uncharacteristic, and something uncharacteristic will happen

      29 Jul '18
      Ensho's past is revealed, and Takasugi revolves to make a final stand to take him down.
    • 5. Countless Kings

      05 Aug '18
      The story shifts back to Earth, where Utsuro has made the Altana ley lines go berserk. Some old, familiar faces rise up to combat it.
    • 6. The Unemployed Cannot Be Stained By Anything

      12 Aug '18
      Shijaku presents his brother, Prince Hata, with an impossible choice. As he finally makes his decision, Hasegawa suggests a different solution.
    • 7. Always Hold On to Your Trump Cards

      19 Aug '18
      As Sadaharu fights to quell the rampaging ley lines, the gang puts it all on the line to take down Utsuro.
    • 8. The Creatures Known as Humanity

      26 Aug '18
      The Odd Jobs are joined by old friends in their battle to save the Earth. Utsuro is surprised by a side of humanity he had never seen before.
    • 9. Sign

      02 Sep '18
      Two years have passed, and Gintoki has shut down the Odd Jobs business and gone off to do something only he can do. Shinpachi has other ideas, though.
    • 10. Specter

      09 Sep '18
      Shinpachi is forced into a plot to assassinate the inaugural prime minister of Japan, Donald Zuramp!
    • 11. Two in Girl Years Is Equal to Ten in Man Years

      17 Sep '18
      Okita and Kagura's daughter (?) rekindle their rivalry, and Okita senses something is off. Meanwhile, Gintoki runs into an old friend.
    • 12. Salvation

      24 Sep '18
      Gintoki and Takasugi reveal to each other what they've been doing over the past two years, and decide to go save the one thing they never managed to save in the past: their teacher.
    • 13. Dun Dun

      01 Oct '18
      Now back in Edo, Gintoki doesn't know how to face his old friends, and so he decides to try and avoid running into any of them. However, that won't be easy.
    • 14. There Are Lines Even Villains Can't Cross

      08 Oct '18
      Having caught Takasugi Shinsfake, the ladies' gang decides to teach him a lesson and try and get him to spill the beans on where Gintoki is. How will Shinsfake survive this?