• Air date: 19 Jun '17 9 episodes
      In the middle of a quiet suburb, a power-hungry pre-teen dreams of making her cookie selling troop the most powerful clique. With the moral compass of a movie gangster, she is willing to use everything from her family, friends, and even a schoolmate's terminal cancer diagnosis as leverage in her quest for cookie world domination. Cookies must be sold, and power will be grabbed, no matter the cost!
  • List of Episodes (9)
    • 1. Cancer Girl

      19 Jun '17
      Calista finds out her classmate Mary has been diagnosed with cancer, so Calista becomes best friends with Mary so that she can exploit the town's sympathy and sell more cookies at a higher price. Mary discovers Calista's true intentions and turns agains Calista, forcing Calista to acknowledge and confront the real emotions she feels for Mary.
    • 2. Supply & Demand

      19 Jun '17
      Calista holds tryouts to expand the troop. Calista immediately dislikes new recruit Kishy and gives her the challenge of selling 50 boxes of cookies in one hour. Kishy realizes that task is impossible under normal circumstances, so she decides to sell herself, and by extension her cookies, to the town pedophile. Along the way Kishy gets attacked by some birds and finds out that Mr. Fingers is not actually a pedophile and that Calista will never let Kishy into the troop no matter how many cookies
    • 3. Blood

      19 Jun '17
      Someone is stealing cookies from the Ginger Snaps, so Calista gives the Twins the task of finding out who it is. At first the Twins think it's Calista doing it herself, but later catch Calista's sister Apple and exacts revenge.
    • 4. Fatal-ish Attraction

      19 Jun '17
      It's Valentine's Day at John Adams Middle School, and Rachel fondly reminisces about how she and Calista first met 1.5 years ago. The story of their early friendship is one of anger, hatred, dirty pranks, and musings on drug cartels.
    • 5. Boy Drama

      19 Jun '17
      Calista decides to ask Hemingway, the head of the scouts, to the school dance to cement her legacy as queen of the school. Unfortunately for her, Hemingway has already agreed to go to the dance with Kishy, which sets Calista off. Making matters worse, the cheerleaders spread the gossip that Calista was rejected by a dork, ruining her reputation. Being vindictive, Calista then spreads a rumor about her sister Apple making out with a fellow cheerleader. Patrick breaks up with Apple. Calista sets
    • 6. Girl Problems

      19 Jun '17
      On Calista's orders, the Twins go to Kishy's house to destroy her, but find out that Kishy is trained in all sorts of combat and martial arts and fall in love. The Twins return to Ginger Snaps headquarters bleeding and beat up, and give Calista the ultimatum that she either let Kishy in the troop or lose the Twins forever.
    • 7. Camping

      19 Jun '17
      Vivien takes Calista, Kishy, and the troop camping. Calista is furious Kishy is there, especially when Kishy saves the day by scaring away a bear that shows up at their campsite and eats all their food. The Snaps, left with nothing, confront "the beast" that they think stole their food. Unbeknownst to the troop, "the beast" is actually fellow Snap Tessa who is swollen from an allergic reaction to nuts. Right before the Twins kill Tessa for food, Kishy realizes what's happening, uses her spare
    • 8. School Dance

      19 Jun '17
      Calista doesn't have a date for the school dance nor any friends because they all like Kishy more. Upset, Calista almost kisses her stalker Jared, but instead kisses Hemingway in an attempt to make Kishy upset. Calista then starts a fight with Kishy which the whole school cheers on. The fight is pathetic because Calista is weak and Kishy is actually skilled in combat. After Kishy sees how desperate Calista is to maintain control of her troop, she let's Calista hit her, and Calista finally
    • 9. Initiation

      19 Jun '17
      Kishy is awoken in her house by a bunch of masked intruders. After Kishy takes them all down, she realizes they are Snaps in disguise trying to kidnap her for the ritual Ginger Snaps initiation ceremony. Kishy is brought to headquarters and surprised when Rachel reveals they are organizing a coup against Calista. Kishy is reluctant to join the Snaps without Calista, but then realizes that Calista has been terrorizing her for weeks. Kishy agrees to team up with Rachel, The Twins, and all the