• Air date: 20 Oct '11 8 episodes
      Make a date with the Gigolos. An extremely rare and uncensored look into the personal and professional lives of five hot guys in Vegas who like to hang out, have fun and get girls, but in their case they get paid for it. They find themselves in some unexpected positions as they balance relationships, friends and family with the demands of their female clientele. A reality series like no other, Gigolos is not only provocative but also surprisingly heartfelt. It's a wild ride for these real-life escorts who never miss a trick.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Gigo-loan

      20 Oct '11
      In the Season 2 premiere, Brace is hired by an uninhibited 20-something for a wild marathon date; Vin helps ease the pain of a lonely woman; Jimmy copes with a personal crisis.
    • 2. Get Down on the Strip

      27 Oct '11
      Steven pleasures a client in public; Nick gears up for his first live rap performance; Jimmy must choose between coming through for a client or making it to his best friend's big night.
    • 3. The Boyfriend Experience

      03 Nov '11
      A woman confuses Steven's services for a real relationship; Brace faces the possibility of fatherhood; Vin considers asking his long-distance girlfriend to move in.
    • 4. Really Smooth Operators

      10 Nov '11
      Steven is reunited with his first girlfriend; the other guys explore a new "manscaping" technique; Brace grants a bucket list wish for a woman diagnosed with cancer.
    • 5. Poker? Heck, Yeah I'll Poker

      17 Nov '11
      Brace gets Botox injections before servicing a professional poker player. Vin is booked by a lesbian as a birthday present for her bisexual girlfriend and they have a threesome. Jimmy shoots a music video for Nick's song.
    • 6. An Ex Marks the Spot

      24 Nov '11
      Brace's ex-wife, her twin sister and her sister's ex-husband visit Brace, hoping he will be able to release the lingering anger from the marriage. Nick's client is a dominatrix who hires him to dominate her. Steven services the friend of a bride who refused his services at her bridal shower.
    • 7. Giggle-O's

      01 Dec '11
      Vin takes on a female bodybuilder as a client, then his mother visits for his birthday. Jimmy tries his hand at stand-up comedy. Initially he falters and attracts a heckler, but he rallies and starts getting laughs.
    • 8. Brotherly Love

      08 Dec '11
      Nick's brother visits Las Vegas and declares his interest in becoming a gigolo. Vin meets fellow escort and adult film star Zeb Atlas. Later he sacrifices sex with his girlfriend to be ready to service a client. Brace's appointment takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that his client is transgender.