Ghostana : Season 1

    • Air date: 07 May '18 4 episodes
  • List of Episodes (4)

    1. Episode 1

    • Two useless bachelors, Vicky and Rajat have a sad life. Way less money, no proper jobs and most painful of all, zero women. Vicky is celebrating his birthday and the two friends have laid out the best possible plan possible to rope in a bit of romance and sex in their otherwise mundane lives. An Open Party with Booze on the house. They invite several women over..Sadly, no one turns up and the friends are almost heartbroken when a sudden unexpected visitor comes calling. What happens next is a ro

    2. Episode 2

    • Vicky and Rajat were curious from that birthday night's encounter. They wanted to relive the experience of the first tingling that happened to them. Vicky gifts an Ouija board to Rajat and they both try to get that spirit back, but they fail miserably on the Planchette. They both decide and come up with various ways to call upon spirits. Amongst all their investments, the best help comes in from a guidebook called '100 Ways To Call Upon Spirits'. The book and the Ouija boards does the wonder.

    3. Episode 3

    • The ghost of yesteryear's famous cabaret dancer Roxy comes to rescue the love life of Vicky and Rajat. Blame it on the Ouija Board, Roxy is here to stay, play and she cannot be slayed. Instead of fulfilling the dream of eternal romance, Roxy blesses Rajat and Vicky with scintillating Bromance. Though in the beginning, both love Roxy's kinks but soon Vicky and Rajat realize that this is not the right way. The World for them has become pink, purple and absolutely Gay!

    4. Episode 4

    • Rajat and Vicky are found in several uncomfortable and compromising situations. Both become conscious while cleaning up a ceiling fan. The landlady comes in and thinks that Vicky is giving blowjob to Rajat. This enrages both Vicky and Rajat and they decide not to become a medium for Roxy, which quite literally is giving them a pain. They decide to put up an ad on Facebook and find a proxy for Roxy.