Ghost Adventures : Season 20

    • Air date: 02 Nov '19 3 episodes
  • List of Episodes (3)

    1. Albion Castle

    • Zak Bagans and the crew are in San Francisco to investigate a mysterious castle built on top of sacred caverns said to be haunted by a female apparition. The current owners claim to be plagued by paranormal activity in almost every corner of the property.

    2. Cerro Gordo Ghost Town

    • Zak and the crew trek along a treacherous cliffside trail to investigate a former mining town haunted by the lost souls of its former residents.

    3. Pasadena Ritual House

    • Zak and the crew investigate the Pasadena, Calif., home of a self-proclaimed Satanist; a séance conducted inside the historic Victorian house reveals that an inhuman presence has attached itself to Aaron and is trying to communicate with him.