Gariahater Ganglords : Season 1

    • Air date: 13 Jan '17 10 episodes
  • List of Episodes (10)

    1. Bukey aaye bhaai

    • Duo Jonny and Bunty mess up a murder, and reach Jonny’s aunt’s place on her invitation. Jonny comes to know from her that Buchku, his cousin brother will come to stay with them for higher studies. How will the ganglords handle their profession, aspirations for crimes, and Buchku?

    2. Bandit der Bandparty

    • Jonny’s childhood flame Monalisa comes to Kolkata to shoot for a documentary on Bangla Band. Jonny decides to impress her...once again, by creating a fake rock band. Will he be able to play the right chords?

    3. Deadbody-r saathey date

    • After Jonny’s band have a blast playing at a local concert where Monalisa shoots their video, Bunty receives a letter from an old friend. He asks for a favour: to hide a dead body at their place for a few days. Meanwhile Buchku starts daydreaming about his classmate Bipasha, whom he wants to befriend.

    4. Buchku jokhon birpurush

    • A dead body, Buchku and Bipasha – all are in one apartment! Bunty receives a letter, this time a good news for the ganglords: Bunty’s grandmother will come to visit them after a long gap. Time for some celebrations and disco in the house?

    5. Ekti Kyalaney Kidnapping er Kahini

    • As celebrations continue, Buchku, on the other ‘hand’, gets kidnapped by Haatkata Haradhan, nemesis of Jonny and Bunty, who asks for a large ransom. Can the ganglords finally rescue Buchku to show who they are in reality, as they set out for their dream project - to kidnap a filmstar?

    6. Super-sonkot-e Superstar

    • The ganglords execute their dream project as opposed to their expectations, while the filmstar urges them to keep him captive for a good media coverage. Bipasha’s birthday is around the corner, and Jonny helps Buchku plan a surprise birthday party at their place. Will it turn out as planned?

    7. Ganglords der G**re baansh

    • Buchku starts getting into the good book of Bipasha, while Bunty is detected with a disease. He wants Jonny to train Buchku in their profession, as he feels his disease is terminal. Will Jonny be able to manage everything, including Buchku?

    8. Biography r bisri hyal

    • As their missions fail everytime, a frustrated Bunty and Jonny get inspired by Buchku’s fetish for thriller stoires and request an author to write a biography on their lives. This is probably their last resort to become Gariahater Ganglords.

    9. Mafia ra jokhon Meniberal

    • The author agrees to write about the ganglords, only on one condition: she wants to include the names of few serial killers in her writings, starting with her own name. Is she an author for real?

    10. Season seshey Satyanarayan

    • It’s Buchku’s birthday and everyone is invited at the surprise party. While they are celebrating, they forget to invite the dreaded Haatkaata Haradhan. Things go mayhem when Buchku’s mother informs him about her visit to Kolkata.