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      Air date: 07 Nov '19 5 episodes
      The show is a 10-episodic and explores stories from the rural parts of India which are based on true rumours. Each episode will tell a different story about relationships and taboos. It will explore topics and stories that exist in every section of the society but are never spoken about or discussed openly.
      Gandii Baat season 4 has 5 episodes. It is an adult web-series starring Neetu Wadhwa, Lalit Bist, Rushali Arora and Akansha Sharma. It is created by Sachin Mohite. Season 4 for Gandii Baat aired on 07 Nov '19 and available to watch online on streaming platform ALTBalaji.
  • List of Episodes (5)
    • Amar is a happily married man. However, his wife is in love with Prem. To fulfill her desires, Amar decides to make Prem a part of their lives. Will society accept this strange love triangle?
    • Every man in the village fears the age-old custom where the men and women switch their respective genders for seven days each month. What happens when someone refuses to abide by this custom?
    • Jayant is fed up of his wife due to her constant nagging. One day he comes across an advertisement selling a second hand almirah. He contacts the beautiful woman who placed the advertisement and slowly begins to get friendly with her. To his horror, the friendship reveals some dark secrets.
    • The village is a popular agro tourism destination among the city folks. One day, a group of beautiful women from the city arrive in the village. The unemployed men of the village get drawn to these women. Their wives see a clever opportunity to make some quick money.
    • Kusum is soon to be married to Saawan. However, while Saawan is excited, Kusum is apprehensive and fearful about something. With help, she learns to overcome her inhibition and finds a way to help others.