• Air date: 25 Mar '24 6 episodes
      With a pinch on her left and a pinch on her right, Gabby shrinks down for more kitty adventures in her super-cool dollhouse. Come and play along!
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Music Festival

      25 Mar '24
      When Gabby and Pandy score party passes to DJ Catnip's music festival, they board a groovy bus to watch shows featuring all their favorite Gabby Cats.
    • 2. Cakey's Birthday

      25 Mar '24
      Cakey runs out of sprinkles on the most sprinkle-riffic day of the year: his birthday! Can Cakey's friends figure out a way to bring his sprinkles back?
    • 3. Pandy's Bad Day

      25 Mar '24
      After messing up his hug attack and getting a hole in his Pandy Pack, Pandy realizes he's having a bad day — but things just keep getting worse.
    • 4. Baby Box's Crafty-riffic Adventure

      25 Mar '24
      Gabby receives a Crafty-riffic Adventure Kit in her Dollhouse Delivery, which comes in handy when CatRat spends the day crafting silly bad guys.
    • 5. Silly Kitty Cubes

      25 Mar '24
      Gabby brings her Silly Kitty Cubes with her to the dollhouse, where all the Gabby Cats play along by making up fun stories based on what they've rolled.
    • 6. Carlita's Ameowzing Race

      25 Mar '24
      It's the day of Carlita's A-meow-zing Race! After choosing their racers, Gabby and her friends speed around solving puzzles to win a special surprise.