Friends Forever (Omkara and His Girls) : Season 1

List of Episodes (11)

1. Dal Tadka

  • FRIENDS FOREVER is a Indian Web Series Comedy that takes place in Jersey City the closest city to New York. Omkar, an implant from India, also an actor, have a common bond and faith to build their careers. No less, share the same apartment and Omkar love for a White Girl is a fascination to his inner ego. .

2. Tere Mast Mast Do Nain

3. Omkara's Love Triangle

  • Holy Crap, It is the luckiest strawberry ever because Sole is eating it. Yummy. Mistaken by Omkara for something else. Watch it.

4. Omkara's Rainbow Dream

  • When Sole tricks Omkara and Bambi, she leaves a note with the next door neighbor who gets impressed by Sole. Sad and frustrated Omkara tries fighting with Buddhisikhamani

5. So1Eo5

  • Omkara tries to solve Bambi's biggest challenge that is becoming her acting guru. Every time he tries to prove that he is a good actor but get caught with his silly tricks but ends up in the bathroom.

6. Maid in Usa

  • Omkara frustrated to work on the chores decides to hire a lady maid. His conditions that the maid should be beautiful. Bambi resists but agrees to provided Omkara pays for it. Watch Omkara in this Web Episode of Friends Forever

7. Omkara & Dikshit

  • Omkara tricks Bambi and send her out to have date with Lena the maid. To his surprise he finds Lena comes with his cousin Sandip Dikshit who actually is his neighbor in India. Sandip already have his eye on Lena. Watch the episode for the fun between Sandip and Omkara

8. Sandip Paaji and the Death Angel

  • Sandip Paaji takes Lena out and ruthlessly advice Lena to make money from Omkara. Omkara curses Sandip because of which Death Angel comes to take the life of Sandip. Sandip thinks DA is fooling around with Sandip

9. Paaji's Double Trouble

  • Sandip Paaji decides to enjoy his life to the fullest after being threatened by Death Angel gets into trouble on phone with Happy Paaji whose place he is staying. Tricked by the Death Angel who disguise himself as Lena. Sandip decides to take Lena back to Omkara

10. Bambi is Back

  • Sandip Paaji get the door slam. Jessi mother of Omkara reaches USA to be with his son. Bambi is back. DA is happy as Sandip Paaji cannot convince Omkara to take Lena back

11. Be like Calm Devan

  • When Omkara's mom comes to stay with Omkara. Bambi feels its too crowded in the apartment. She complains to the landlord Kamdevan who happens to be single and very greedy person. Kamdevan immediately thinks of increasing the rent. He decides to visit the apartment. Omkara sends Jessy to cemetery to trick Kamadevan