• Enter the Ninja Franchise (1981 - 1984)

    Enter the Ninja Franchise (1981 - 1984 )

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    • Enter the Ninja is a 1981 martial arts action-thriller directed by Menahem Golan and starring Franco Nero, Susan George and Sho Kosugi. Production was started in the Philippines with Emmett Alston directing, but when Charles Bronson refused to allow Menahem Golan to direct Death Wish II, Golan, a co-principal of Cannon Group which was producing both movies, took over directing duties of Ninja, replacing Alston. Revenge of the Ninja, released in 1983, followed afterwards, with none of the cast returning except Sho Kosugi. Sho Kosugi who would also return in the third 'Ninja' film, Ninja III: The Domination (1984), released a year after.
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