• Season 2 streaming now!
      Air date: 17 Jun '22 8 episodes
      The anthology series showcases how a single social media post, instigated by negative emotions, can change one's life forever.
      Fingertip season 2 has 8 episodes. It is a tamil crime, thriller web-series starring Sunaina, Madusudhan Rao, Akshara Hassan and Gayathri. It is created by S. Shivakar. Season 2 for Fingertip aired on 17 Jun '22 and available to watch online on streaming platform ZEE5.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 2. Hacked

      17 Jun '22
      As the ACP digs deeper into finding Eclipse, the hunt intensifies. Aadinath sets his trap and so does Navin. While Mr. and Mrs. Sethupathi go about their lives, someone plots a deadly game.
    • 3. Viral Wave

      17 Jun '22
      A heartbroken ACP Arivazhagan seeks Shruti’s help to regain composure. Aadinath's world comes to a standstill when an old acquaintance enters his life. Venkat yearns to express himself.
    • 4. Locked Up

      17 Jun '22
      Priya works towards achieving her goals while the turn of events shocks Venkat. Tara and Navin get closer. ACP Arivazhagan's investigation intensifies while Aadinath starts to settle old scores.
    • Navin visits Aadinath while the cops call Venkat for an interrogation. Shruti’s search turns out to be futile, and so does ACP Arivazhagan's investigation. But things change when the ACP talks with Venkat.
    • The ACP finds a vital clue but hits a roadblock again. Priya’s life starts changing as she fights her inner demons. Venkat, Navin, and Aadinath go about their chaotic lives as Eclipse enters the picture.
    • 7. Unmasked

      17 Jun '22
      As things unfold, new revelations hit ACP, Shruti, and Priya. While guilt plagues Venkat, Navin proves he is the master of chaos again. Aadinath gets ready to lead his dream life.
    • 8. Reset

      17 Jun '22
      Shruti finds the person she has been searching for as the ACP solves the crime. Priya seeks redemption while Navin chases victory. As everyone's lives resolve, a new, faceless entity threatens to disrupt everything.