• Air date: 09 Aug '82 3 episodes
      Filthy Rich is an American sitcom that aired on CBS from August 1982 to July 1983. Starring Dixie Carter and Delta Burke, the series satirized prime-time soap operas such as Dallas and Dynasty.
  • List of Episodes (3)
    • 1. Pilot (I)

      09 Aug '82
      At the reading of cryogenically frozen family patriarch Big Guy Beck's video-will, the Becks learn that Big Guy had an illegitimate son -- used RV dealer Wild Bill Westchester. To make matters even more embarrassing for the Becks, they learn that in order to receive their inheritance, they'll have to live ""in peace and harmony"" with Wild Bill and his ""lovely and whimsical"" wife, Bootsie, in Toad Hall, the family mansion. Independently wealthy son Stanley greets the Westchesters with open
    • 2. Pilot (II)

      16 Aug '82
      Marshall, Carlotta, and Kathleen devise a scheme to disprove Wild Bill's relation to big guy -- so they drug him and steal a half gallon of his blood to use for testing. But in the end, all it proves is that Wild Bill actually is Big Guy's son.
    • 3. Town and Country

      23 Aug '82
      The Becks try to teach the Westchesters proper manners when they learn that a town and garden magazine wants to feature Toad Hall on the cover. But there's still the problem of Mother B. -- so Marshall attempts to drug her... but he winds up taking the sleeping pills himself. In the end, Mr. Means decides not to use Toad Hall, instead opting for Mother B.'s nursing home.