• Air date: 10 Feb '23 8 episodes
      An artist who gets pulled into the murky high stakes of a con job and a fiery task force officer on the mission to rid the country of his menaces.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. Artist

      10 Feb '23
      To save his beloved grandpa's printing press from going under, brilliant artist Sunny comes up with an ingenious but dangerous plan. A determined officer, Michael, corners his arch-nemesis, counterfeiting kingpin Mansoor Dalal.
    • Sunny's plan works, but there is no end to greed. Michael tries to get an anti-counterfeiting task force sanctioned. Megha’s passion project has no takers among the powers that be.
    • 3. CCFART

      10 Feb '23
      CCFART is formed. Sunny and Firoz accept a deal almost too large for them. Michael gate-crashes his son’s birthday party even though he is not invited. Michael hires Megha, but she steps on a few toes trying to track down the ‘artist’ who made the sandwich note.
    • 4. Dhanrakshak

      10 Feb '23
      Dhanrakshak is launched, a huge victory for CCFART. Michael’s attempts to reconcile with his wife only push her further away. A rattled Sunny looks for his missing Grandpa, with no help from the inept bureaucracy. Mansoor’s operations are threatened by Dhanrakshak, and he needs a new note that can fool the new scanner.
    • Sunny cracks the Supernote. Michael gets a breakthrough in Bangladesh. Mansoor feels pressure from his bosses, and wants Sunny to take on a bigger role in his organisation. Megha finally finds someone she might be romantically interested in.
    • Sunny has a mole in CCFART. Michael has a mole in Mansoor's organisation. Sunny adopts a risky plan, "Trojan Horse" to smuggle a huge shipment of notes to India.
    • 7. Supernote

      10 Feb '23
      Sunny and Firoz love living the high life, as Sunny finds himself falling in love with Megha. Megha uncovers an important secret about the Supernote. Michael does something unorthodox to spur Minister Gahlot into action. Mansoor desperately needs to bring the cash into market.
    • A trap is laid! Sunny and Firoz almost get caught. Michael, not one to give up, has yet another plan! Mansoor's very existence is at stake. Megha is very close to uncovering a devastating truth. Sunny pays a price too heavy for his tryst with crime.