Fantasy Island : Season 7

    • Air date: 08 Oct '83 22 episodes
  • List of Episodes (22)

    1. Forbidden Love / The Other Man - Mr. Roarke

    • In ""The Other Man - Mr. Roarke"" a woman in her forties wishes to find romance. And in ""Forbidden Love"" a woman brings her boyfriend to the Island hoping to get him to propose to her after a three-year relationship.

    2. The Big Switch / Hooker's Holiday

    • In ""The Big Switch"" a wife wishes for her husband to experience what it is like to be a woman. And in ""Hooker's Holiday"" a woman of the evening wishes for a normal life with love and romance.

    3. Nurses Night Out

    • Three nurses are brought to the Island as guests of a mysterious benefactor who appreciated the care he received during his stay at their hospital.

    4. God Child / Curtain Call

    • In ""God Child"" little Laurie Shannon who lost her parents in an accident wishes to ask God why he took them. And in ""Curtain Call"" a once-famous comedian whose TV show was canceled wishes to do one last shot.

    5. Roarke's Sacrifice / The Butler's Affair

    • In ""Roarke's Sacrifice"" crippled dancer Julie Mars wishes to experience one last performance. And in ""The Butler's Affair"" the beautiful widow Lesley Darnell wishes to spend the weekend with her butler, Baldwin, not as an employer, but as two ordinary people.

    6. Three's a Crowd / Second Time Around

    • In ""Second Time Around"" a woman comes to the Island to save her marriage. And in ""Three's A Crowd"" a son separated becomes angry when he sees his widowed mother enjoying the company of a man.

    7. The Wedding Picture / Castaways

    • In ""The Wedding Picture"" a woman, unhappy with her marriage, wishes to relive her wedding day to determine if she did indeed marry the wrong man. And in ""Castaways"" a man wishes to spend the weekend on a desert Island with a gorgeous model.

    8. Random Choices / My Mother, the Swinger

    • In ""Random Choices"" a billionaire shipping tycoon with a great lust for life wishes to seek out people who desperately need help so he can use his vast wealth and influence to change their lives. And in ""My Mother, the Swinger"" a woman who dedicated her life to raising her children wishes to become a swinger.

    9. The Fantasy Island Girl / Saturday's Child

    • In ""The Fantasy Island Girl"" a beauty contest promoter with a disreputable reputation wants to clear up his tarnished image. And in ""Saturday's Child"" a glamorous film actress wishes to meet the two children whom she gave up for adoption.

    10. Goin' Home / Ambitious Lady

    • In ""Goin' Home"" after leaving his family to find success in Nashville, a country western singer wishes to be reunited with the people he loves. And in ""Ambitious Lady"" a couple have a dual fantasy - she wishes her husband would achieve the same level of success and he wants to recapture the love they once shared.

    11. Games People Play / The Sweet Life

    • In ""Games People Play"" three young lady employees of a toy company wish to fulfill their dreams. one wishes to gain the courage to stand up to her convictions the other wants to be accepted for her brains and the third wishes to find love. And in ""The Sweet Life"" a man arrives with the desire for his family to experience the rewards of money and position that he has never been able to give them.

    12. The High Cost of Living / To Fly with Eagles

    • In ""The High Cost of Living"" a workaholic account executive wishes to find a husband and be taken care of. And in ""To Fly With Eagles"" an aging affluent lawyer and amateur sportsman wishes to win one more flying competition.

    13. Ladies Choice / Skin Deep

    • In ""Ladies Choice"" a woman fantasizes about spending the perfect weekend with the man of her dreams who truly loves her. And in ""Skin Deep"" a shy guy wishes to date a truly beautiful woman for the first time in his life.

    14. Lady of the House / Mrs. Brandell's Favorites

    • In ""Lady of the House"" a former madam of a house of prostitution wishes to be reunited with her three favorite girls and to have them be her bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding as well as to give them the profits of the money she invested for them. And in ""Mrs. Brandell's Favorites"" a beauty contest promoter with a disreputable reputation wants to clear up his tarnished image.

    15. Dark Secret / The Outrageous Mr. Smith

    • In ""Dark Secret"" Amy Marshall is afraid to tell her husband that she was raped before they were married, confronts her fear. And in ""The Outrageous Mr. Smith"" Robert Smith a professional singer whose shyness has hampered his chance of success wishes to unleash his suppressed alter-ego.

    16. Baby on Demand / The Last Dogfight

    • In ""Baby on Demand"" Joanna Jones, once a very successful rock-and-roll singer wishes to become a mother. And in ""The Last Dogfight"" an elderly couple brought to the Island to re-enact his glorious past as a World War II fighter pilot.

    17. Awakening of Love / The Impostor

    • In ""Awakening of Love"" a world-renowned high fashion model wishes to form a lasting, loving relationship. And in ""The Impostor"" a couple come to the Island in hopes of ""curing"" her partner of his compulsive need to create other personalities.

    18. The Mermaid and the Matchmaker / The Obsolete Man

    • In ""Mermaid and the Matchmaker"" the mermaid, Nyah asks Mr. Roarke to end her immortality, but upon Mr. Roarke's refusal to do so she threatens to seek revenge on him and Fantasy Island. And in ""The Obsolete Man"" young man who may be replaced at his job by a computer, wants to feel like his life has a purpose once again.

    19. Lost and Found / Dick Turpin's Last Ride

    • In ""Lost and Found"" a woman's fantasy is to start a new life with a new man, since she has just found out her man is unfaithful. And in ""Dick Turpin's Last Ride"" a CPA's fantasy is to become famous outlaw, Dick Turpin. When he gets his wish, he gets far more then he expected.

    20. Don Juan's Last Affair / The Final Adieu

    • In ""Don Juan's Last Affair"" Two good friends who share a platonic relationship come to the Island in search of true love - with other partners. And in ""The Final Adieu"" a high-powered career woman wishes to end a long relationship she has had with a married man.

    21. Bojangles and the Dancer / Deuces Are Wild

    • In ""Bojangles and the Dancer"" a married couple come to the Island with a mixed agenda - he is intent upon performing with his idol, Mr. Bojangles - she, however, is intent upon keeping him from fulfilling his fantasy for fear it may kill him. And in ""Deuces Are Wild"" two sisters hope to fulfill their lifelong fantasy - to be taken seriously.

    22. Surrogate Mother / The Ideal Woman

    • In ""Surrogate Mother"" a mother wishes to find out how she will feel when she gives up the baby. And in ""The Ideal Woman"" a man's fantasy is to be reunited with the love of his life.