Fantasy Island : Season 5

    • Air date: 10 Oct '81 22 episodes
  • List of Episodes (22)

    1. Show Me a Hero / Slam Dunk

    • In ""Show Me a Hero"" Helen Ross a romantic woman must confront the love of her past, John Day before she can experience real love in her present, Ted Kingman. And in ""Slam Dunk"" a successful sports writer Matt Kane wishes to become a super-star basketball player in hopes in winning over Ginger Donovan the girl he loves.

    2. The Devil and Mr. Roarke / Ziegfeld Girls / Kid Corey Rides Again

    • In ""The Devil and Mr. Roarke"" Mephistopheles, the devil himself has come with a very specific purpose in mind -- to capture the immortal soul of Mr. Roarke. In ""Ziegfeld Girls"" two ex-showgirls wish to return to their youth when they were Ziegfeld Girls. And in ""Kid Corey Rides Again"" Ned Plummer who is enamored with the outlaws of the old west wishes to go back in time to ride with one of the legendary and deadly lawbreakers of that era.

    3. Cyrano / The Magician

    • In ""Cyrano"" Marjorie Denton travels back in time to the days of Cyrano de Bergerac in order to find the world's most chivalrous and romantic man. And in ""The Magician"" Timothy Potter a likable amateur magician learns his craft the hard way when he accidentally makes the girl he loves vanish into thin air.

    4. The Last Cowboy / The Lady and the Monster

    • In ""The Last Cowboy"" middle-aged urban cowboy, Joel Campbell finds that the old west was not quite the romantic adventure he perceived it to be. And in ""The Lady and the Monster"" scientist Maggie Blair discovers that the fictional Dr. Frankenstein really existed and comes face to face with his monster in the process.

    5. Mr. Nobody / La Liberatora

    • In ""Mr. Nobody"" A man who wishes for inner strength and confidence is accidentally made into another Hercules when Julie gives him the wrong type of strength. And in ""La Liberatora"" a young woman of Spanish descent wishes to go back to the hard times of old California in order to help liberate the poor and oppressed.

    6. Druids / A Night in the Harem

    • In ""Druids"" a woman who just wanted to be the center of attention finds her life on the line after becoming an ancient Queen. And in ""A Night in the Harem"" a very shy young man finds himself in a lot of unexpected trouble when all he wanted was a night of getting experience in a harem.

    7. The Perfect Husband / Volcano

    • In ""The Perfect Husband"" a wealthy young woman learns that looking for perfection can mean looking for a lot of unpredictable trouble. And in ""Volcano"" a successful young seismologist, more concerned with science than with humanity, finds his life and the lives of others threatened by a volcano.

    8. Lillian Russell / The Lagoon

    • In ""Lillian Russell"" Lillian Martin goes back in time and becomes a famous singer in order to accurately write a biography of the performer. And in ""The Lagoon"" a man seeking a peaceful, nostalgic weekend is forced to come face to face with some events of his secret, tormented past.

    9. Romance Times Three / Night of the Tormented Soul

    • In ""Romance Times Three"" a woman wants to meet the three men of her dreams, although she knows all three by telephone only. And in ""Night of the Tormented Soul"" a brother and sister find their lives alter irrevocably after discovering what really happened on the night their father was killed.

    10. A Very Strange Affair / The Sailor

    • In ""A Very Strange Affair"" Ron Price gets some very unusual help in obtaining the needed funds for an orphanage. And in ""The Sailor"" Mr. Roarke successfully arranges a love match but in order for the couple to have a future happiness together, Laura Myles must forfeit her life.

    11. House of Dolls / Wuthering Heights

    • In ""House of Dolls"" window dresser Francis Elkins becomes infatuated with a mannequin and has her brought to life with some surprising results. And in ""Wuthering Heights"" social worker Clarissa Bevis in love with the character from the classic Emily Bronte novel, risks her life to actually meet her literary lover in person.

    12. The Magic Camera / Mata Hari / Valerie

    • In ""The Magic Camera"" a man who wishes to take pictures no other photographer ever has is shocked when his pictures begin telling the future. In ""Mata Hari"" a woman who wants to know what Mata Hari's life was really like finds her life in grave danger when she actually becomes the famous spy.

    13. King Arthur in Mr. Roarke's Court / Shadow Games

    • In ""King Arthur in Mr. Roarke's Court"" an English history buff meets up with his hero, the legendary King Arthur, he is in for a major disappointment. And in ""Shadow Games"" a singing star Sara Jean wishes to bring her lover back from the dead.

    14. Daddy's Little Girl / The Whistle

    • In ""Daddy's Little Girl"" Christa Ackland wishes to find her real father, a man she has never laid eyes on, so that he may give her away at her wedding. And in ""The Whistle"" Scientist, Adrian Brilles wishes to make a famous discovery at any cost, comes face to face with a terror he has never known before.

    15. The Case Against Mr. Roarke / Save Sherlock Holmes

    • In ""The Case Against Mr. Roarke"" Fran Warner brings her little girl to the Island along with the announcement that Mr. Roarke is the child's father. And in ""Save Sherlock Holmes"" Kevin Lansing wishes to become a private eye is given the toughest assignment any novice ever had -- to find the kidnapped Sherlock Holmes.

    16. The Challenge / A Genie Named Joe

    • In ""The Challenge"" Douglas Picard, the richest man in the world comes to the Island with specific intentions of claiming it for his own. And in ""A Genie Named Joe"" Rebecca Walters a florist wishes to meet and marry the man of her dreams and ends up encountering a two-thousand-year-old genie instead.

    17. Funny Man / Tattoo, The Matchmaker

    • In ""Funny Man"" a stand-up comic's imaginary family is brought to life and his own life is endangered. And in ""Tattoo, the Matchmaker"", Tattoo's computer dating service is off to a terrible start when his first two lady clients are matched up with the same prospective husband -- Mr. Roarke.

    18. Sitting Duck / Sweet Suzi Swann

    • In ""Sitting Duck"" a world famous big game hunter has come to track and kill his most challenging prey ever -- Mr. Roarke himself. And in ""Sweet Suzi Swann"" a pretty young lady has a rather unusual fantasy -- she wishes to fall out of love with a man.

    19. Face of Love / Image of Celeste

    • In ""Face of Love"" a young woman who is a long hardened criminal, has the chance to straighten out her life. And in ""Image of Celeste"" a young woman discovers she looks exactly like the face in a famous painting, she is determined to learn the identity of her historic double.

    20. Forget-Me-Not / The Quiz Masters

    • In ""Forget-Me-Not"" a woman who has completely lost her memory in an accident wishes to find out who she really is. And in ""The Quiz Masters"" the two most famous game show hosts in the world become contestants and challenge each other to an ultimate game to the death.

    21. The Big Bet / Nancy and the Thunderbirds

    • In ""The Big Bet"" a young ladies' man makes a bet with his buddies that he can score with a sexy model but winning turns out to be his biggest loss ever. And in ""Nancy and the Thunderbirds"" a young American orphan, raised by an Indian tribe, risks her life to fulfill an ancient tribal prophecy for the sake of her tribal guardian.

    22. The Ghost's Story / The Spoilers

    • In ""The Ghost's Story"" a young woman must face being alone in a terrifying haunted mansion in order to gain notoriety as an expert of the occult. And in ""The Spoilers"" a famous and fair-minded bounty hunter goes after the only man who has ever eluded him.