• Air date: 07 Jun '24 6 episodes
      Julio Torres tells the tale of when he lost a golden oyster. The people he encounters as he searches for it and the musings he has become points of departure for little films along the way, as Torres navigates weaving in and out of these introspective, often eerie comedic stories.
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    • While ignoring his landlord's urgent letters, Julio obtains a gold oyster earring... then promptly loses it at the club. Later, Julio explains his sensitivity to shapes, colors, numbers, and the alphabet to his fellow rideshare passengers.
    • 2. Valued Customer

      14 Jun '24
      While his “agent” Vanesja and robot assistant Bibo insist he obtain proof of existence for a new apartment, Julio fixates on finding the oyster to prove that his “mole” has grown. He starts his search with Skyler, an influencer desperate to stay relevant.
    • 3. Toilets

      21 Jun '24
      After learning of a program that would free his mind from his body, Julio gets a lead on the lost oyster from a bartender, who takes him to the former site of the first gay hamster club, and later, a middle school.
    • 4. Looking4Twinks2S**k

      28 Jun '24
      When Julio repeatedly refuses to participate in a credit card commercial, Vanesja finds him a new opportunity in a superhero movie. In preparation, he goes to a jump rope class and employs a peculiar new social media manager named Pirulinpinpina.
    • 5. The Little Ones

      05 Jul '24
      As Julio searches for a loophole to avoid getting a proof of existence, Vanesja contemplates her purpose after run-ins with a successful but depressed client and former professor. While pursuing a new passion, Bibo gets some unexpected advice.
    • 6. Episode 6

      12 Jul '24