Family Matters : Season 3

    • Air date: 20 Sep '91 25 episodes
  • List of Episodes (25)

    1. Boom!

    • Urkel rescues an orangutan from laboratory experiments. Carl steps on a treadmill booby trapped with a bomb.

    2. Brain over Brawn

    • Urkel's future hangs in the balance during a rope-climbing contest pitting brains against brawn to win Laura's affections.

    3. The Show Must Go On

    • In the school play, Romeo Steve looks forward to kissing Juliet Laura when the original Romeo lands in the hospital with appendicitis.

    4. Words Hurt

    • Sleepwalking Urkel undergoes hypnosis to uncover the cause of his anger: he thinks Carl hates his nerdy guts.

    5. Daddy's Little Girl

    • Laura's behavior suddenly changes when she meets Carl's younger new partner and surf's up for Steve.

    6. Citizen's Court

    • Urkel is so bugged when Carl squashes his pet beetle that he takes him to court - TV's Citizen's Court - to settle the matter.

    7. Robo-Nerd

    • Steve creates the Urkelbot, a mechanical Urkel that is all too much like its creator.

    8. Making the Team

    • When Laura gets snubbed by fellow cheerleaders, she seeks advice from Urkel, who tries out for the basketball team and ends up as equipment manager.

    9. Born to be Mild

    • A street gang causes trouble for the Winslows, and things become personal when they vandalize Rachel's Place and attack Eddie. Carl wants to take matters into his own hands, but Urkel decides to infiltrate the gang and tricking them into confessing.

    10. The Love God

    • Steve thwarts Eddie's potential romance, while Carl is undercover in drag.

    11. Old and Alone

    • Laura may be sorry for banishing Urkel from her life: in her dreams, she's a 90-year-old spinster whose only visitor is a now-married Urkel.

    12. A Pair of Ladies

    • Rachel reluctantly hires a loudmouthed, pushy Harriette to help at the restaurant; and Urkel bets the ranch on Carl's cutthroat poker game at home with the guys.

    13. Choir Trouble

    • Steve joins the Winslows at church with faith that he'll get into the choir, but he's kicked out by new choir director Rachel, whose position has gone to her head.

    14. A Test of Friendship

    • The Winslows are ripped off when Carl dozes off; Urkel takes the heat after helping Eddie cheat on a chemistry test.

    15. Jailhouse Blues

    • Visiting cousin Clarence is a slick dude ready for some action in the Winslow 'hood and a bad influence on a vulnerable Eddie, who winds up being arrested together with Steve.

    16. Brown Bombshell

    • Mother Winslow regales Eddie's classmates with tales of her late fighter-pilot husband and of World War II's Tuskegee Airmen.

    17. Food, Lies and Videotape

    • Urkel enrolls in a home economics class with Laura, thinking it'll be a piece of cake, but he soon learns he less than an A-student.

    18. My Broken-Hearted Valentine

    • Lonely and depressed after breaking up with Ted, Laura grants Urkel a few bittersweet hours of bliss as her valentine; Gwendolyn charms Richie with ""yucky goo-goo stuff""; and Harriette and Carl search for admirable qualities in each other.

    19. Woman of the People

    • When squeaky-clean Laura enters the race for student-council president, snooty rival Cassie Lynn vows to gather dirt on her. Meanwhile, neighbors elect Harriet Neighborhood Watch leader and Carl is down in the dumps about it.

    20. Love and Kisses

    • Hoping to win Laura, Urkel strikes a deal with R&B singer Johnny Gill: his treasured baseball card in exchange for serenading her; Carl and Harriette discover that their honeymoon love nest is of the outdoor type.

    21. Stop, in the Name of Love

    • Laura's encouraging words cast a love spell on Waldo; Carl and Lt. Murtagh trade insults in a food fight over Mother Winslow's bad driving.

    22. The Urkel Who Came to Dinner

    • Urkel's stay at the Winslows brings chaos when he swallows a fish that Carl was ""fish-sitting,"" urges Richie to fight a preschool bully and drives away Laura's study mate.

    23. Robo-Nerd II

    • It's hasta la vista to the criminal element and hello Urkelbot after Urkel revives his robot for law-enforcement use in solving a rash of convenience store robberies on Carl's beat; meanwhile new shampoo changes the women.

    24. Dudes

    • Laura sees red when Urkel, Eddie and Waldo appear on Dudes, a TV dating show that Laura claims is sexist; Carl's birthday gets little attention from his family.

    25. Farewell, My Laura

    • Urkel plays bumbling, hard-boiled gumshoe Johnny Danger in a 1940s film noir spoof with Laura as a sultry client who needs protection for her aunt Rachel singer and supper-club owner marked for murder.