Family Dog : Season 1

    • Air date: 23 Jun '93 11 episodes
  • List of Episodes (11)

    0. Pilot

    • In the original Amazing Stories 2nd Season 1987 episode, a dog (simply called "the dog", played by a Bull Terrier) is the main character, portrayed in three stories: The first involves general misadventures in the house, with him being both ignored and somewhat mistreated by his owners. The second is a "home movie" showing their Christmas (the family narrates), which culminates with the dog eating the turkey. In the third robbers break into the family's house twice, so the father sends the dog

    1. Show Dog

    • In this episode, the dog's family enters him in a rodeo showcase of the stars! His family believes him to be specially talented, but as we all see, the magic's in the making...

    2. Hot Dog at the Zoo

    • In this episode the Binsfords enroll our hero in a painting lesson, but he soon sees that you shouldnt try to seperate a baby cheetah from its petuitary gland!

    3. Doggone Girl is Mine

    • In this episode, the family's nonexistent pet cat gets a girlfriend. Too bad she's really just a lantern! The kid tries to kill the cat and the lanbtern, and the cat kisses the lantern and is electricuted. The kid ends up cutting up the cat and giving him to the local korean restaurant as the blue plate special! Pure genius!

    4. Enemy Dog

    5. Eye on the Sparrow

    6. Call of the Mild

    7. Dog Days of Summer

    8. Party Animal

    9. Family Dog Goes Homeless

    10. Family Dog Gets Good and Sick