• Air date: 07 Feb '97 20 episodes
      Fallen Angels is an Australian television series, aired by the ABC in 1997. Twenty episodes were produced, portraying a community legal centre in Endeavour Park, a fictional western suburb of Sydney, and the interesting clients represented by its overworked lawyers.
  • List of Episodes (20)
    • 1. In Defence of Electricity

      07 Feb '97
      The Endeavour Park Legal Centre welcomes the new solicitor, Warren Harvey, after the untimely suicide of one of its employees.
    • 2. Hair

      14 Feb '97
      Malcolm's mother, Irene, arrives unannounced on Malcolm's doorstep. Just when it looks like they might be getting along for the first time, she is hit by a truck and dies.
    • 3. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

      21 Feb '97
      The death of Malcolm's mother has surprisingly knocked him for six. His main source of support, his friendship with Erica is beginning to exhibit cracks. Like a marriage turning sour, they seem unable to get it right.
    • 4. A Woman of a Certain Age

      28 Feb '97
      When one of Nick's kids, Becky, is burned by some buried chronic acid in an unfenced backyard near the freeway, Erica takes Becky to hospital. As a result she becomes reluctantly involved in prosecuting the case.
    • 5. Vote for Birdy

      07 Mar '97
      When one of Birdy's employees, a strange man called Bruce, brings a case against him for unfair dismissal Birdy leans on Nick to help quash the case.
    • 6. All Things Bright and Beautiful

      14 Mar '97
      Warren and his wife are having marital problems. Jane, an advertising executive, misunderstands Warren's desire to work at the Legal Centre, rather than have a 'proper' job.
    • 7. Lerve, Lerve, Lerve

      21 Mar '97
      Warren moves to Endeavour Park and misses Jane. He finds friendship in young protege Billie who is on work experience at the centre. Billie approaches Warren about getting an AVO against her step-father.
    • 8. Snow on the Rock

      28 Mar '97
      Anita is in the final stages of pre-selection as the political candidate for Dwyer. A case involving a young Chinese student wanting to enrol in the local Catholic school becomes a platform for Anita to get tough with her rival opponent.
    • 9. Baby It's You

      04 Apr '97
      Erica is on duty late one night when she is forced to help deliver the baby of one of her clients.
    • 10. Bury My Heart in Endeavour Park

      11 Apr '97
      Sharon's future with Craig is thrown into question when an ex-lover and partner in crime, Brett, returns to Endeavour Park with the hope of rekindling their relationship.
    • 11. Forty in the Shade

      18 Apr '97
      Malcolm's battling the local council who want to bulldoze the Legal Centre for re-development. He is forced to negotiate with councillor Bernie Levinson, and builder Frank Josty.
    • 12. Slip Sliding Away

      25 Apr '97
      Anita is involved in an unfortunate accident with businessman Giuliano Mazzoni.
    • 13. The Faust Lane

      02 May '97
      Warren's wife, Jane, returns to his life desperate for money. She needs $5,000 to repay an advertising campaign she has taken money from.
    • 14. Love Is in the Air

      09 May '97
      A few weeks before Sharon's wedding her dress is repossessed because the dressmaker hasn't paid the rent.
    • 15. Pig in Shit

      16 May '97
      When Nick organises a football match between the kids at Endeavour Park and the coppers, the results are disastrous.
    • 16. The Promised Land

      23 May '97
      Malcolm is handling an unfair dismissal case for a client, Frank Scaggs, against the local garbage company.
    • 17. Chinese Whispers

      30 May '97
      Warren is trying on a new look and a more forceful attitude. He encourages Malcolm to let him take on an immigration case involving an energetic, young Chinese woman, Rose.
    • 18. Take a Chance, Lose Your Pants: Part 1

      06 Jun '97
      A coronial inquest into the death of Guiliano Mazzoni has begun and the actions of Anita, Malcolm and Jack are coming back to haunt them.
    • 19. Take a Chance, Lose Your Pants: Part 2

      13 Jun '97
      Anita is due to appear at the coronial inquest, Macolm is very worried about the consequences for her political career.
    • 20. Morning Has Broken

      20 Jun '97
      Roach is charged with manslaughter over Jack's death and subsequently beaten up by the cops in retaliation.