Emily's Reasons Why Not : Season 1

    • Air date: 09 Jan '06 9 episodes
  • List of Episodes (9)

    1. Pilot

    • Emily begins dating Stan, her very attractive co-worker, but then questions the relationship when Stan's level of passion doesn't seem to match her own.

    2. Why Not to Date a Twin

    • Best friend Josh convinces Emily to meet Vincent, the handsome architect that Josh has talked about – and to her delight, Emily is impressed. But as their relationship develops, Emily learns that Vincent has an ever-present twin sister (Vinessa) and discovers there are reasons why not to date a twin.

    3. Why Not To Date Your Gynecologist

    • Emily and Reilly disagree too much. So Emily decides to search for a new best friend, only to find out that their friendship is important after all.

    4. Why Not to Invite Your Vacation Date Home

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    5. Why Not to Hire A Cute Assistant

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    6. Why Not to Look at Bridal Magazines

    8. Emily's Reasons Why Not Season 1 Episode 8

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    9. Emily's Reasons Why Not Season 1 Episode 9

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    10. Emily's Reasons Why Not Season 1 Episode 10

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