Eight Is Enough : Season 5

    • Air date: 29 Oct '80 22 episodes
  • List of Episodes (22)

    1. And Baby Makes Nine (1)

    • Nicholas and Tom start boy scouts and Nicholas volunteers Tom to be the assistant scout master. Elizabeth considers moving in with her boyfriend. Susan keeps her pregnancy problems from Merle when his career takes a leap forward.

    2. And Baby Makes Nine (2)

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    3. Jeremy

    • Abby goes to a funeral in San Francisco and returns with her nephew, Jeremy, who has nowhere else to go. His behavior upsets the family, referring the Bradfords as that other family (The Brady Bunch), but all ends well as he becomes the newest member of the Bradfords. Joannie is promoted to sports anchor. Nicholas gets into trouble for selling peeks at Mary's medical books.

    4. Welcome to Memorial Dr. Bradford

    • Abby gets a job as a guidance counselor at a rough high school filled with trouble. Tom discovers his driver's license has expired and fails the renewal test. Tom drives his family crazy when they become his chauffers. Nicholas's friend dares him to shoplift a desired yo-yo.

    5. Generations

    • Susan brings the baby, Sandra Sue, home from the hospital. When Joan's parents visit the Bradford household to see the family and their great-grandchild, a conflict with Abby occurs as Joan's parents disapprove of the way Abby is raising Nicholas. Grandpa and Abby make up and finally accept Joan's death in a touching story. Tommy gets a job playing the guitar at a male strip joint

    6. Holly

    • Ernie introduces Tommy to a slightly older songwriting woman who has a 4-year old son. When he falls for her, she has second thoughts. The Bradford's convert the garage into an apartment for Susan and Merle. Nicholas supervises the conversion job. Jeremy begins to feel like part of the family when Abby enrolls him in school and Tom makes him follow the household rules.

    7. Maltese Airline Bag

    • Nicholas and his friend, Melvin, start a messenger service to earn money and get more than they bargained for. One of their first deliveries turns out to be an airline bag full of money to be used for political bribes. David is frustrated when another construction company keeps underbidding him. Abby and Donna plan a surprise party for Tom.

    8. Strike

    • Caught up in a newspaper strike and laid-off, Tom tries to bring the feuding parties together thanks to something Nicholas says about giving and compromise. To save everyone money, Nicholas starts a barter system for the family. The Bradford's have a five car pile-up in their driveway.

    9. Bradfordgate

    • Tom is nominated for a political post by the governor. A political appointment for him ends up more than he can live with. Joannie goes undercover to do a story on a video dating service. Nicholas tries to get rid of his ""cute"" image.

    10. Darlene Dilemma

    • Abby is proud of the progress one of her students has made and invites her to the house for dinner. Jeremy falls for 16-year-old Darlene, who likes to flirt and cause trouble (shades of Melrose Place), and he refuses to listen to Abby's advice about her. Nancy gets a modeling job as the spokesperson for a shady heating and cooling company. Nicholas tries to impress a 12-year-old girl with his cooking ability.

    11. Second Thoughts

    • Joannie is tired of not getting any serious assignments at work and Abby encourages her to take a leave of absence to evaluate her career, and falls for a co-worker. Nancy finds out fame has a price when she becomes the ""Sunshine Soda Girl."" Tommy needs a ticket to a rock concert and Nicholas has one to sell.

    12. David's Rib

    • Joannie involves David in the renovation of an old opera house. However, Janet is the legal counsel for the developer who wants to build low-income housing on the site. Nicholas gets a horse from Joe Simons and Abby help him find a way to keep it. Merle returns home from the New York Mets, but Susan is too tired from taking care of Sandra Sue to enjoy his visit.

    13. Vows

    • Jeremy meets a new girlfriend at a Fred Astaire film festival. Tom and Abby decide to renew their marriage vows on their 3rd anniversary and they agree to let the kids handle the arrangements. David and Janet try to hide the fact that they have split up

    14. The Way We Were

    • Tommy and Ernie, back from college with a ""preppy"" look, run into Jill, Tommy's old girlfriend. When Jill picks Ernie over Tommy, David helps him realize that reliving the past is not the real world. David moves into a singles-only apartment building. Upset by Tom's refusal to give him money, Nicholas gets a job delivering a rival newspaper

    15. If The Glass Slipper Fits

    • Nancy's modeling career is about to take off but she needs to make an important decision as she later finds out she has to pose topless for a jeans ad. Elizabeth is trying to attract Alan Anderson, who only sees her as a friend. David hires Nicholas to find him a new apartment.

    16. The Best Little Telethon in Sacramento

    • Jeremy wants to manage Tommy's band and tries to get him a gig. Joannie is chosen to organize a charity telethon and tries to get celebrities to appear on the show. She recruits the family to perform and Nicholas saves the day with his on-the-air speech and performance. David gets a new roommate to save money on the rent.

    17. Yet Another Seven Days in February

    • This year it's the boys' turn to meet new women. Tommy dates the daughter of a radio station owner in order to get his band some air time. Jeremy runs himself ragged trying to keep up with a beautiful sports athelete. David dates an older woman, Tommy's date's divorced mother.

    18. Idolbreaker (1)

    • Just as Tommy's career is about to take off, his old girlfriend returns to tell Tommy she is pregnant after it is announced that his band has been booked for a national tour. Nicholas wins a girl's heart by standing up to a bully. Mary, Nancy, Elizabeth, and Joannie adopt a bum named Max, and bring him home for dinner.

    19. Idolbreaker (2)

    • Ellen tells Tommy that she doesn't want to marry him and Tommy isn't sure what he wants to do. At the last minute, they both realize it is not the right thing to do. Joannie is jealous when the station hires a female anchor. Jeremy drops hints about his upcoming birthday. Nicholas plans a surprise birthday for Jeremy.

    20. Starting Over

    • Jeremy is suspicious when he finds a skull while digging in the garden. David and Janet consider getting back together. Nicholas assumes he's a shoo-in for the basketball team when Elizabeth dates the coach.

    21. Goals

    • Merle suffers a career-ending shoulder injury and doesn't know what to do if he can't play baseball. Merle comes upon Nicholas and his friends playing ball. He is offered a job of assistant coach of the High School team. One of Mary's patients falls in love with her and won't leave her alone. Eager to earn more money, Jeremy gets a job convincing people to try experimental products.

    22. Father Knows Best

    • Finally ready to be a father, Jeremy's father returns for a visit and wants to take him back to Los Angeles. David relives old memories when four of his old high school buddies return to Sacramento for their 10 year high school reunion. Tom and Abby fight with Jeremy's dad for custody of Jeremy.