Eight Is Enough : Season 1

    • Air date: 15 Mar '77 9 episodes
  • List of Episodes (9)

    1. Never Try Eating Nectarines Since Juice May Dispense

    • ""Never try eating nectarines since juice may dispense."" That's how Tom and Joan Bradford remember the names of their childrens: Nicholas, Tommy, Elizabeth, Nancy, Susan, Joannie, Mary, and David.Tired of fighting with his father,David move out of the Bradford house and the youngest Bradford children fight over his bedroom, prompting Tom to learn the importance of having a family relationship.Elizabeth is arrested for possession of narcotics and Tom and Joan have to find 1,500 to pay a lawyer.

    2. Schussboomer

    • Matilda, Mary's very pregnant, unmarriage, friend stays in the Bradford house while she is between apartment, but her attidude toward marriage upsets Tom. She learns the joys of parenthood and paternal Tom helps deliver her baby. Tom is upset that Susan wants to spend the weekend with her bofriend at Square Valley.

    3. Pieces of Eight

    • Tom's chance at managing the newpapers runs into trouble when the printers go on stike. The whole family pitches in to help earn extra money. Nancy is disappointed by a modeling agent but Joan geta a job as a photographer to earn money during the strike. Tom and Joan argue about her continuing to work after the strike is settled.

    4. Women, Ducks and the Domino Theory

    • Topsy-turvy at the Bradfords when Tommy has his ""dream girl"" stand him up. Neither David nor Tom wants to go on their annual hunt. Nancy wants to be a cheerleader. Elizabeth gets grounded over curfew.

    5. Turnabout

    • David learns about his life at a party the family throws to celebrates doctor Maxwell's 25th anniversary, as his date and Maxwell don't get along. David helps an older woman stuck in a traffic jam, but his dates seems to cause more trouble with his family than he bargained for.

    6. Quarantine

    • Togetherness can be really funny when the whole Bradford household is quarantined, including Nancy's blind date,after Mary's boyfriend comes down with a mysterious ailment. David has to run errands for his quaranteened family. Nicolas hides some toys he brought into the house without buying them. Cabin fever eventually drives the family crazy.

    7. V is for Vivian

    • Tony's sister shows up for a visit and turns the Bradford house upside-down when the encourages the kids to pursue their dreams and goals. David gets laid off and Vivian gets him a job as an architect. Mary gets ""C' in Introductory Philosophy. Joanie considers traveling in an acting company if she gets accepted by the director.

    8. Hit and Run

    • Joannie has a fender-bender with a real developer who is upset with Bradford's column opposing his project. Meanwhile, Elizabeth goes from three prom dates to none when they all show up at the same time. Tommy breaks the window of a local church house.

    9. The Gipper Caper

    • Tom is challenged to a family touch football game by his dentist. He learns that winning is not the only thing that counts. Elizabeth worries about Maria in Columbia.