Eek! The Cat : Season 3

    • Air date: 10 Sep '94 12 episodes
  • List of Episodes (12)

    1. Paws / In the Line of Fur

    • a) Annabelle's goldfish Bruce accidentally eats to much and grows large enough to terrorize the wading pool. b) The Secret Service draft Eek and assign him to protect Socks, the White House cat, during an appearance at a hospital.

    2. The Good, the Bad and the Squishy / Shark Doggy Dog

    • a) In spoof of old Westerns, Eek and the Dog with No Name (Sharky) must save the town of Hayfever from the Bandito Bearz. b) Sharky is discovered by Don Cornelius of the hit TV show Soul Choo-choo while choking on a mailman's sock. Sharky and Eek get a record deal and the expected choas results.

    3. Honey I Shrunk the Cat / Chariots of Fur

    • a) Eek and Sharky are shrunk by Dr. Elmo's new device and go on a mission to the President's brain to remove a raisin. b) Eek is conned into running in a marathon by Elmo, which will help get Elmo's little brother Timmy another needed operation.

    4. Fatal Eektraction / Eek's SnEek PEek

    • a) A dog named Alice moves in next door and becomes preoccupied with Eek. So much so that she vows to get rid of Annabelle. b) Eek takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes tour of the show's production.

    5. The Eeksorcist / The Eex Files

    • a) Sharky is possesed by a Huggie, becoming more and more cute. Eek and Dr. Elmo must to rid Sharky of this cuteness before it is too late. b) The family is flying to see Uncle Vic when Eek falls out of the airplane. He falls into Area 51, seeing secret government testing and meeting a nice alien that wants to escape.

    6. Paw Sores / A Sharkdog Day Afternoon

    • a) After Sharky drops a piano on his head, Eek dreams he has to save the universe from the infamous Dark Lawyer. b) A robot dog catcher comes from the future to dispose of Sharky. Eek and a female dog from the future have to protect him.

    7. Eekstremely Dull / Lord of the Fleas

    • a) The Squirrel family moves into the tree in Eek's yard. b) Eek offers to look after Elmo's Penguins, but winds up fighting with Sharky for control when they all get locked in a shopping mall.

    8. Rebel Without the Claws / This Eek's Your Life

    • a) Eek and Sharky work together to help Annabelle with her lack of sun tan loction. b) With several flashbacks, Sharky's friends and family honor him.

    9. Try Hard / Eeksy Rider

    • a) After Eek accidentally destroys his Plantinum icesculputer, Sharky wants calls in a gang of international hit-sharkdogs to get rid of Eek once and for all. b) Eek works to get Wendy Elizabeth a new bicycle bell.

    10. Birth of a Notion / The Thunder Years

    • a) Scooter is busy working on a birthday surprise for Bill when Babs shows up and has them build her a shopping mall. When the Thunderlizards arrive, they encounter the malls security systems. b) While waiting to be rescued from a cave, the Thunderlizards recall their childhood.

    12. The Hurting Show / Planet of the Crepes

    • a) Scooter sets up a talk show so Bill can deal with his pain with the creatures who've hurt him. Meanwhile, the Thunderlizards foil a Thuggasaur plot to kidnap Mrs. Galapagos. b) Taylor of Planet of the Apes crash lands into the time of dinosaurs and runs into Bill and Scooter. Meanwhile, the Thunderlizards discover the Thuggasaurs trying to use a sub-launched missile to destroy Jurassic City.

    13. Cromagnon Farce / Boo Thunder

    • a) Babs trades Scooter a 'magic twig' for a winter supply of food. Meanwhile, the Thunderlizards test Dr. Steggy's photon laser cannon to destroy the humans while in orbit. But the Thuggasaurs sneak onto the shuttle, plotting to use the cannon on Jurassic City. b) Scooter invents ""Hollow-weed"" (Halloween). Meanwhile, the Thunderlizards battle to stop the Thuggasaurs' lava-covered robot from destroying Jurassic City.