Eek! The Cat : Season 1

    • Air date: 11 Sep '92 12 episodes
  • List of Episodes (12)

    1. MiserEek

    • Eek feels unappreciated and runs away from home. He winds up living with a sweet old lady, who nearly gets him killed when she takes him to the zoo rather than the vet.

    2. Bearz 'n the Hood

    • Eek goes to the mall to get Wendy Elizabeth an autograph from her favorite TV stars, the Squishy Bearz. Unfortunately, Eek and the Squishy Bearz become fugitives after a rat gang dress up like the Bearz as part of a plot to ransom off the mayor's statue.

    3. Catsanova

    • Eek falls in love with Annabelle, a 200 pound cat that just moved into the neighborhood. However, a deadly shark dog (Sharky) lives with her and won't let Eek anywhere near her. Eek will need some help from a nerdy, one winged Cupid, who will get his other wing if Eek kisses Annabelle.

    4. Eek vs. the Flying Saucers

    • Eek sneaks onto a space capsule to pursue an alien that abducted Annabelle.

    5. HallowEek

    • Eek goes trick or treating with J.B. and Wendy Elizabeth, but eventually gets seperated. He then meets Cryptie, a ghost that got seperated from his family as well. While they try to find them, they are unknown their loved ones have fallen into the clutches of a beautiful and evil witch.

    6. Cape Fur

    • Eek regrets saving a cute little pink bunny from a storm when he learns the bunny is really a large, tattooed psychopath. Worst of all, this bunny is planning to do away with the family.

    8. Eek's International Adventure

    • While on a trip to Uncle Vic's potato ranch with Mom and the kids, Eek finds himself mistaken for a secret agent by Sasha, a beautiful enemy spy falling in love with him. She leads him to the vengeful and disembodied villain, the Brain.

    9. Great Balls of Fur!

    • Rock'n roll legend and cat food pitchman Melvis fakes his death, so his manager cons Eek into impersonating him.

    10. The Whining Pirates of Tortuga

    • Eek tells the neighborhood kittens an adventurous tale of when he was a kitten and helping a crew of pirates find treasure.

    11. The Eekcidental Tourist

    • Wendy Elizabeth's geography grades need improving, so Mom takes the kids and Eek on a cross-country trip to learn about America. Eek, however, gets left behind at the first stop and has to run across the country to rejoin them.

    12. The Eeksterminator

    • Eek has a birthday present for Wendy Elizabeth: a Squishy Bearz inflatable termite farm. But the glass breaks and two spiders threaten the defenseless termites. The only one to escape, Termee, goes to Eek for help.

    13. It's a Wonderful Nine Lives

    • Eek finds a package dropped from Santa's sleigh and makes sure to get it to it's destination, while spreading holiday cheer along the way.