• Air date: 19 Sep '22 5 episodes
      Dude depicts the life of a detective, scrambling to hunt down the answers behind a baffling case. It reels him into twisted relationships filled with perplexing events.
  • List of Episodes (5)
    • As Dude and Bhatia are put on a new case, it looks like Dude has given up on the idea of following in his mother’s footsteps. However, Inspector Kumar informs Dude that a body has been found that might be his mother. Dude sees the evidence and dismisses the notion that the body is hers. Back home, Dude’s dad asks him about the body, but Dude dismisses him too, slowly slipping into denial.
    • Dude and Bhatia manage to track down Tinku and his gang to a mobile shop owner (Chetan) and later follow the gang to a bar. They’re about to catch Tinku when he’s rescued by a helmeted biker. With Mahesh’s help, they find Chetan’s address and break in to find the pen drive but get caught by the police. Kumar gets them out, and later they approach Gautam with all the details.
    • Dude and Bhatia get pissed that some details weren’t shared with them. Pahwaji gets into an accident, but Dude and Ritu deduce that the accident was deliberate. Pissed off, they get the entire gang caught by the police. Dude gets a threatening call from the leader (the biker) but he refuses to back off the case.
    • Dude submits his DNA sample but believes that his mom is alive, and the earring found is just a clue. Bhatia distracts Dude by discussing the case. Dude reveals that Gautam and Amit were embezzling company money into the crypto wallet, and someone from the office stole that money. That someone turns out to be Vishal, company's accountant.
    • Dude is in a hospital being chastised by his close ones for reckless behavior. Later, Dude convinces Bhatia that they need to find Chetan. They reach Chetan’s friend’s house to find Parveen and Chetan there. Parveen escapes but Dude manages to figure out the second half of the password. Dude gets a call and fears the worst, but comes to know that his DNA matched with the earring, not the body.