• Air date: 24 Sep '04 10 episodes
      Dr. Vegas is a television drama starring Rob Lowe and Joe Pantoliano that ran on CBS in 2004. It aired in Ireland on TG4, and on Challenge in the UK as part of its "Player" gambling strand. In Slovakia, Markíza began airing the show on February 20, 2008. The series co-starred Sarah Lancaster, Amy Adams, and Tom Sizemore. Chazz Palminteri filled in for Tom Sizemore when the actor re-entered rehab in 2004. Broadcast of the October 29 episode included a promotion prior to the end credits showing footage of the never-aired sixth episode.
  • List of Episodes (10)
    • 1. Pilot

      24 Sep '04
      Dr. Billy Grant tells the casino's top headliner to stop performing due to an enlarged heart valve and also she will be a Mom very soon. Billy tells the lady that she will need to attend drug rehab.
    • 2. Advantage Play

      01 Oct '04
      Billy tells Raul Oritz that he can't complete in the championship fight because of his bruised kidney. Tommy is told of the boxer's bruised kidney and is told that if the boxer continues with the fight it could cost him his life.
    • 3. Dead Man Live Bet

      15 Oct '04
      Charlie a dying man tries to get Dr. Billy Grant to what life is like for a dying man. Billy tries to give Charlie medication to ease his pain, but Charlie refuses the medication to live his life as he sees fit. Charlie takes Billy parachuting to figure out what he would do if he had a free brush with death.
    • 4. All In

      22 Oct '04
      Dr. Billy grant promises Alice that he will go away with her to make sure she doesn't get burned. He must decide between playing in the No Limit Poker Smack Down. Billy learns a valuable lesson while having to keep his eye on his patient in and wondering if he will go to Lake Tahoe with Alice. To make sure that Alice's Aunt Shirley doesn't get burned while buying a house. Billy also learns that his patient is a better poker player than Billy.
    • 5. Limits

      29 Oct '04
      Alice wonders whether she he can go back to business as usual with Dr. Grant after they spent the night together. Veronica is stunned when her father, Hank stops by to visit. Veronica sees your father drunk. After Hank is taken to the clinic Billy and Veronica discuss whether he needs to go get rid of the alcohol. After Hank leaves New Start House Billy takes him to the casino to get the alcohol out of his system and possibly lose his license. Alice gets Billy into further trouble when she
    • 6. Babe in the Woods

    • 7. Out Damned Spot

      On Hallowe'en evening, the hotel is overtaken by participants in a Fantasy and Fetish Convention, already stressing the staff and stretching resources before the casino suffers a well-planned robbery, with guests, suspects, and employees experiencing serious injury and death.
    • 8. Heal Thyself

    • 9. For Love or Money

    • 10. Lust for Life