• Air date: 01 Jan '22 3 episodes
      Season 9 ------ It's been a while since Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs has aired a normal season. While there was a short, four-episode special in 2020, the series itself last aired new episodes in 2012. But on Sunday night, Dirty Jobs is back. Watch Dirty Jobs Season 9 Premiere Today
  • List of Episodes (3)
    • 1. Rodbuster / Galvanizer

      02 Jan '22
      Mike installs rebar with a team of rodbusters, then he galvanizes steel.
    • 2. Jellyballer / Epoxy Installer

      09 Jan '22
      Mike Rowe joins a fourth-generation fisherman's crew in Georgia as they harvest cannonball Jellyfish for food, a trade known as Jellyballing. Then Mike helps a father-son team install epoxy flooring at a restaurant in time for the dinner rush.
    • 3. Tugboat Fitter / Water Tower

      16 Jan '22
      Mike visits a ship-building community in Coden, Ala., to learn the ins-and-outs of building a tugboat; he makes a long climb to the top of a dirty water tower in Magee, Miss., to clean inside the tank.