DIRT : Season 1

    • Air date: 04 May '18 13 episodes
  • List of Episodes (13)

    1. Home Again

    • Back home in Millwood, Luke confronts a broken family and the fast world of motocross.

    2. Color Course

    • Luke goes up against Chase in Millwood's most storied competition.

    3. Namaste

    • Luke prepares for the state qualifier by doing yoga with Autumn.

    4. Ready, Set…

    • Tensions run high as Luke and Chase go head-to-head in the qualifier.

    5. Rerace

    • Luke's second chance at glory brings many secrets to the surface.

    6. New Blood

    • A new racer threatens Luke’s position, and the drama at home gets real.

    7. Fast Friends

    • Autumn and Celeste grow closer, while Luke faces family drama.

    8. Team Bonding

    • Luke has to choose between his real family and his racing family.

    9. Block Pass

    • Luke, Celeste, and Johnny compete at Regionals.

    10. Breaking Point

    11. Rock Bottom

    • Things escalate quickly when Luke spirals out of control.

    12. Family Ties

    • Chloe returns from foster care and Celeste teaches Autumn about motocross.

    13. New Beginnings

    • Luke, Johnny, and Celeste race in the State Championship while Sabrina gets a life changing offer.