• Air date: 05 Jun '20 15 episodes
      Host Guy Fieri takes a cross-country road trip to visit some of America's classic "greasy spoon" restaurants — diners, drive-ins and dives — that have been doing it right for decades.
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    • 1. Takeout: Bold Bites

      05 Jun '20
      Guy Fieri and his son, Hunter, do takeout in Flavortown style as DDD alums send ingredients for their most-dynamite recipes, including a Chinese-Mexican mix from Phoenix, Florida alligator fritters and a creole meatloaf straight from a California beach.
    • 2. Triple D Nation: BBQ, Burgers

      11 Jun '20
      Guy Fieri is biting into burgers and barbecue, starting with a barbecue joint in Oklahoma City. Then, a burger biz in Roy, Utah, is flipping patties for a third generation, and in Virginia Beach, VA, it's brisket and burnt ends like you wouldn't believe.
    • 3. Sicilian and Seafood

      18 Jun '20
      Guy Fieri's in Oklahoma City, where a funky food truck turns out wood-fired pizza and Grandma's Sicilian meatball recipe. In Fort Lauderdale, FL, he chills with Vanilla Ice at a pirate-inspired joint serving up Brazilian and Caribbean seafood specialties.
    • 4. Triple D Nation: East Coast

      25 Jun '20
      Guy Fieri checks in on some favorite East Coast eats. First stop is a neighborhood joint that's dishin' out diner classics from a cramped kitchen, and in Baltimore, third time is the charm with this out-of-bounds pit beef stand.
    • 5. Flavortown International

      02 Jul '20
      Guy Fieri is going global with flavors from all over the world. He checks out samosas and chicken kebab in Oklahoma and real-deal Mexican tortas in Oregon. Plus, he tries some legit Indonesian specialties in Florida.
    • 6. Takeout: Culinary All-Stars

      09 Jul '20
      Guy Fieri does takeout with a twist and calls on five all-star chefs via video chat to help cook the recipes. The menu includes Maneet Chauhan's tandoori chicken poutine, arancini and empanadas from Antonia Lofaso and Michael Voltaggio's crab-cake crepes.
    • 7. Takeout: Celebrity Chefs

      16 Jul '20
      Guy Fieri calls on five celebrity chefs via video chat to combine great restaurant food with cooking at home. The menu includes killer cavatelli from Alex Guarnaschelli, sticky rice from Beau MacMillan and Buddy Valastro's famous lobster tail pastries.
    • 8. Triple D Nation: Breakfast

      23 Jul '20
      On this road trip revisit, Guy Fieri pops by an Oklahoma City diner known for their onion burgers. Then, a Baltimore brunch spot is stepping up their grit game, and a quirky joint in Los Angeles is still putting a spin on their diner dishes.
    • 9. Takeout: Worldwide Deliveries

      30 Jul '20
      Guy Fieri combines cooking at home with great restaurant food when four DDD alums send ingredients and join Guy via video chat to cook the recipes. They're making pizza from Arizona, a wicked-hot burger from Boston, Hawaiian surf and turf and more.
    • 10. Filling Up on Philly

      06 Aug '20
      Guy Fieri is filling up on a taste of Philadelphia, including a funky malt house serving the bomb Buffalo wings and a twist on the cheesesteak. A longtime tavern is making mama's Italian recipes, and a mother-daughter trio cooks up Indonesian specialties.
    • 11. Takeout: Bringing Comfort Home

      13 Aug '20
      Guy Fieri does takeout DDD-style as four DDD alums send ingredients and join Guy via video chat to cook up all that flavor. There's grilled cheese from Nashville, pizza from Boulder, CO, Memphis fried chicken and Greek kebabs out of Houston, TX.
    • 12. Triple D Nation: Smothered

      20 Aug '20
      Guy Fieri is covering all things smothered, starting with some mole sauce masters in Salt Lake City. Then, in Florida, a diner is dishing out down-home comfort food like biscuits and gravy, and a joint in Reno, NV, is servin' up sweetbreads in style.
    • 13. Takeout: Global Comes Local

      Guy Fieri and his son Hunter cook up some DDD-style takeout with four chefs over video chat. There's authentic Mexican from Phoenix, kolaches from Salt Lake City, Baltimore pit beef and pork belly all the way from Maui.
    • 14. Chicken and Pie

      Guy Fieri is checking out some chicken and diving into some pie on this trip. In Portland, Ore., a Southern transplant is servin' up a killer chicken sandwich and hush puppies, and three sisters in Oklahoma City are puttin' their own funky spin on pizza.
    • 15. Takeout: All Kinds of Flavor

      Guy Fieri cooks takeout with four DDD alums via video chat. There's real deal Italian from Scottsdale, AZ, American Indian fare from Denver, gourmet grub out of a Massachusetts lounge and short ribs all the way from Hawaii.