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      Air date: 08 Mar '21 4 episodes
      There are many questions that run inside our mind as we are unable to find the answers to them, but we forget that the answer sometimes lies in our heart. Inspired by true stories, we present to you 5 women who are stuck between their heart and mind.
      Dil Ki Suno Stories season 2 has 4 episodes. It is a drama web-series starring Ankita Goraya , Ruchika H Verma and Vishrut Kalra. It is created by Thomas John. Season 2 for Dil Ki Suno Stories aired on 08 Mar '21 and available to watch online on streaming platform Youtube.
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    • Will Kritika while on her quest to have her own identity, roll up her sleeves for the challenging yet the dream corporate job or would she join the family business? With such a dilemma, would she listen to her heart and choose what it yearns for?
    • A successful career and a happy family – what more could Shilpa ask for? But if she’s faced with a dilemma of wanting to spend more time with her child or a high position job, will Shilpa listen to her heart or her mind?
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      07 Apr '21
      When you are truly passionate about something, nothing should come in the way of taking it up. Will Lalita follow her passion for dance or would she give in because of the age factor and family responsibilities?.Find out in the episode if in this battle between Lalita's heart vs mind, will she listen to her heart?