• Air date: 13 May '16 16 episodes
      Life is ever-delightful — and ever-challenging — for a group of friends in their twilight years as they rediscover themselves through love and family.
  • List of Episodes (16)
    • 1. Sorry, I Am Not Curious About You Guys

      13 May '16
      Cho Hui-ja leaves behind a comfortable but lonely life in the Philippines for Korea, where her friends are preparing to attend a reunion.
    • 2. I Can Do It Alone. I Can Live Alone.

      14 May '16
      Jang Nan-hui and Lee Yeong-won bicker over a decades-old grudge. Hui-ja is bothered by what her friends think about how her husband died.
    • 3. Down To The Braless Street With A Torn Jeans

      20 May '16
      At the police station, Yeong-won saves the day. Later, everyone gathers at a photographer's studio to have their portraits taken.
    • 4. Please, I Beg Everyone, Don't Do Like As You Don't Know Us.

      21 May '16
      A horrible accident leaves Hui-ja and Moon Jeong-a shaken. The day after Park Wan brings them home, she realizes something is seriously wrong.
    • 5. Do Not Be Lonely. I Am Beside You.

      27 May '16
      Oh Choong-nam feels her heart skip a beat as she helps Lee Seong-jae shop for a party at his house. Yeong-won reveals a painful secret to Nan-hui.
    • 6. The Way You Can Return, The Way You Can Not Return

      28 May '16
      The brutal truth about Kim Sun-yeong's marriage overwhelms her parents. Choong-nam considers telling Nan-hui about what she saw Wan doing.
    • 7. The Wind Blows. The Waves Are Hitting.

      03 Jun '16
      While grieving for her mother, Jeong-a becomes determined to live for herself. Wan chats with Seo Yeon-ha about the woman he's met.
    • 8. As If Nothing Had Happened

      04 Jun '16
      An earnest request from Seong-jae triggers Choong-nam's anger. Jeong-a informs her friends about her intent to leave Seok-gyun.
    • 9. Life Is Really Very Beautiful, Isn't It?

      10 Jun '16
      Wan and Nan-hui tearfully confront their painful past. Finally able to go on his trip with Hui-ja, Seong-jae takes them down memory lane.
    • 10. Honing the Sword of Revenge (1)

      11 Jun '16
      Seok-gyun remains oblivious as Jeong-a makes up her mind. Wan's impulse trip to see Yeon-ha leads to a frank conversation about unkept promises.
    • 11. Honing the Sword of Revenge (2)

      17 Jun '16
      Seok-gyun convinces himself that Jeong-a will return in a few days. Choong-nam plots her revenge against those who take advantage of her.
    • 12. What I Was Aware Of, A Hundred of My Sins. What I Was Unaware Of, Tons of My Sins.

      18 Jun '16
      Yeong-won agrees to meet an ex-husband. Starting to realize his wrongdoings through the past few decades, Seok-gyun calls Wan to tell her his story.
    • 13. Like a Mother to the End, Like a Fighter to the End (1)

      24 Jun '16
      While fearfully awaiting news that could change her life, Nan-hui runs into her crush. Seong-jae worries about Hui-ja's worsening condition.
    • 14. Like a Mother to the End, Like a Fighter to the End (2)

      25 Jun '16
      The friends search for a missing Hui-ja. A fearful Nan-hui finds company in Yeong-won and Wan as she processes the next steps after her diagnosis.
    • 15. When Did We Ever Look at You This Long?

      01 Jul '16
      Before her surgery, Nan-hui pays a visit to her mother. Jeong-a and Hui-ja share a tender moment. Wan makes a call that breaks her heart.
    • 16. Our Love Story

      02 Jul '16
      With her son's best interest in mind, Hui-ja makes a sudden decision. Yeon-ha makes his feelings clear to Wan. Seok-gyun shows Jeong-a he's changed.