Dhaka Metro : Season 1

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      Air date: 01 Apr '19 9 episodes
  • List of Episodes (9)

    1. Episode 1: Samparka

    • Being troubled by a dysfunctioning conjugal life, Abdul Kuddus drives away from the hectic city life and meets an eccentric boy named Rahman.

    2. Episode 2: Bichchinnata

    • After experiencing a weird event in traffic gridlock, Kuddus tries to get rid of Rahman by dropping him off in his village. But Rahman returns to Kuddus after an unexpected encounter with his family.

    3. Episode 3: Smriti

    • All of a sudden, Kuddus meets a mysterious lady in distress and reluctantly helps her. The journey of three people begins. It seems no one knows their destination.

    4. Episode 4: Nishkriti

    • Kuddus needs to stop several times for car troubleshooting. Every time he stops, unexpected incidents take place.

    5. Episode 5: Gheratope

    • Kuddus meets a truck driver who claims to be his friend, though he cannot recognise the man. But, at the same time, he cannot deny the stranger's claim. Kuddus spends the night with this man.

    6. Episode 6: Muktanchol

    • When Kuddus stops for some snacks, Rahman meets a guy whom he used to know from his tea-selling days. That guy takes them to a strange village school.

    7. Episode 7: Nirbed

    • After leaving the strange village school, Kuddus and his fellow travellers get mugged by a gang of peace-loving robbers. Out of anger, he wants to leave Rahman and the lady. But, instead of parting each other, they follow the same path and find a village with no people.

    8. Episode 8: Bhram

    • After spending the night at the village with no people, Kuddus wakes up to lots of surprises. People of that village return to their houses in the morning and greet Kuddus with unexpected things.

    9. Episode 9: Agastya Yatra

    • After rescuing their car from the local police station, they drive off again without any destination. But the road takes them to another Santal village where the villagers are busy preparing for a wedding ceremony.