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      Air date: 20 Feb '21 17 episodes
      In this modern-day take on Devdas, Devika is anything but your typical girl-next-door. With masaledaar drama, heartbreak, and unpredictable romantic twists, you’ve never met a girl like Devika DD! Will she ever find true love? Watch her saga of love, lust, betrayal, and everything in between to find out!
      Dev DD season 2 has 17 episodes. It is a romance, drama web-series starring Asheema Vardaan, Akhil Kapur and Sanjay Suri. It is created by Ken Ghosh. Season 2 for Dev DD aired on 20 Feb '21 and available to watch online on streaming platform ALTBalaji and ZEE5.
  • List of Episodes (17)
    • Chandni is heartbroken when she discovers that her father, Anurag, loves Devika. Meanwhile, Anurag finds outs that Aditi is pregnant. Devika returns to Jaipur after her breakup with Anurag and after facing rejection from Chandni. Later, at a social event, she meets Paritosh, a charming young doctor, who tries to console her.
    • 2. Ex-ccident

      20 Feb '21
      Anurag and Aditi arrive in Jaipur for an abortion and follow an invitation to an underground party to be discreet about it. Paritosh takes Devika to a club to cheer her up. Anurag gets into a fight at the party.
    • Anurag and Aditi’s attempt to bribe a doctor for an illegal abortion goes awry. Meanwhile, a family dispute brings Chandni back to Jaipur, and Devika discovers that Anurag is Chandni’s father. She realises the reason for their breakup and finds closure.
    • Devika is back to her rebellious and fearless ways. She hosts an unforgettable party for the women of Jaipur and shows the world her true self. At the party, she finds a supporter in her mother.
    • Radha arrives in Jaipur to help Chandni and seeks Devika’s help for the same. They devise a plan to win Chandni’s house back from her uncle. Meanwhile, Anurag and Aditi are asked to get proof against the illegal activities at the hospital.
    • Chandni apologises to Devika and they bury the hatchet. To avoid marriage, Devika decides to find a job but her attempt is marred by a neighbour.
    • Chandni and Radha try to set up Devika with Paritosh. Anurag and Aditi find a lead to expose the illegal activities at the hospital. Meanwhile, a surprise awaits Devika at home.
    • 8. Ex Aur Next

      20 Feb '21
      Anurag and Aditi’s attempt to expose the scandal at the hospital fails when the witness changes her mind at the last minute. Chandni moves into Devika’s house after her mother tricks her into meeting a prospective groom. Meanwhile, Devika presents a business plan to Meghna.
    • Devika starts a lingerie business in partnership with Meghna. Anurag and Aditi follow a clue that leads them to Awasthi. Later, Devika and Radha find an unconscious Chandni on the terrace.
    • Chandni survives but feels dejected about her mother’s abandonment. The witness approaches Anurag and Aditi again. Later, Devika is shocked when she sees Anurag at her home.
    • Anurag's presence makes Devika feel uncomfortable. He tells her that they cannot be together even though he loves her. Later, Devika makes a shocking announcement because of Sarla's threatening behaviour.
    • While Devika and Radha plan a surprise proposal for Chandni, Anurag helps them set up the venue at a picturesque location. The backlash from society leads to a fast track wedding.
    • Sarla attempts to stop the wedding. But the celebrations continue, albeit with some hiccups. Later, Chandni tries to convince Devika to acknowledge her feelings towards Anurag and give love another chance.
    • During a midnight intervention, Devika makes it clear that she has moved on from Anurag. Later, she and Paritosh take charge of the wedding preparations and choose an offbeat location for the ceremony. Paritosh questions the reality of his relationship with Devika.
    • Devika receives the news of Meghna's death during Radha and Chandni's wedding, Suspecting foul play, she teams up with Anurag, Aditi, and Paritosh to investigate the murder. Later, Paritosh gets attacked while trying to get his hands on some proof.
    • Anurag meets with a gruesome fate while trying to gather evidence. Following this, Devika falls into an abyss. Aditi investigates the events from the past three months to find the culprit behind this sordid state of affairs.