• Air date: 15 Sep '92 22 episodes
      Delta is a short-lived U.S television sitcom series produced by ABC starring Delta Burke. Burke plays a woman who leaves her life behind to pursue her dream as a country music singer. Burke, most popular for her role as Suzanne Sugarbaker in the popular CBS sitcom Designing Women, reportedly utilized her own singing talents for the role of Bishop, and dyed her familiar brunette hair blonde to play the role. The series premiered September 15, 1992, to healthy ratings following the ABC blockbuster Roseanne. The series then moved to Thursday nights opposite FOX's The Simpsons, and ratings began to sink. The show was pulled from the schedule and returned to ABC the following Spring for six episodes before finally being canceled. In an attempt to infuse ratings, Burke brought her brunette hair back that spring, in the sake of familiarity, but it did little to save the series. The theme song for the show was Reba McEntire's 'Climb That Mountain High' which was not a charted Reba single. The tune...
  • List of Episodes (22)
    • 1. Climb That Mountain

      15 Sep '92
      Dreaming of a career in country music, Delta Bishop leaves her unsupportive husband and moves to Nashville -- taking a job waiting table at a country-music bar, where she signs up for armature night. But will her husband still dash her dreams?
    • 2. Delta Doesn't Get Discovered

      17 Sep '92
    • 3. Sweet Dreams

      24 Sep '92
    • 4. Shall We Dance?

      01 Oct '92
      Delta makes plans to throw Lavonne a surprise birthday party, but when Buck refuses to attend, it breaks Lavonne's heart, so he finally admits to Delta that he can't dance.
    • 5. How Much Is That Darden in the Window?

      08 Oct '92
      Delta talks a very reluctant Darden into participating in a charity bachelor auction -- with disastrous consequences for both of them.
    • 6. White Women Can't Jump Either

      15 Oct '92
    • 7. The Bad Word

      22 Oct '92
    • 8. First Time Again

      29 Oct '92
      A childhood neighbor who fawned over Delta, Eugene Dorr ""the bore,"" learns of her recent divorce so he shows up at The Green Lantern hoping for a date. At the urging of Thelma and Lavonne, Delta reluctanly agrees, thinking that the date will be awful. That is, until Eugene shows up at the door with candy, flowers, perfume, photos, and even a love seat. When they arrive (via limo) at the ritzy Magnolia, Delta finds that Eugene's rented out the entire resturaunt for the evening -- and he's
    • 9. The Cabin and the Credit Card

      12 Nov '92
    • 10. Our D-I-V-O-R-C-E

      03 Dec '92
    • 11. A Christmas Tale

      17 Dec '92
    • 12. The Agent

      06 Apr '93
      Still desperate for a break, Delta jumps through hoops and bends the truth to impress a transplanted L.A. musical agent to get him into the Green Lantern to hear her sing.
    • 13. Mom Comes to Town

      13 Apr '93
      Delta enlists everyone's help to occupy her visiting mother and keep her out of her hair. But things go sour when her mother announces that she's found an apartment for them to share.
    • 14. Amateur Night

      20 Apr '93
    • 15. Red Hot Mama

      27 Apr '93
    • 16. Roadtrip

      28 Jul '93
    • 17. Delta's Little Dilemma

      25 Aug '93
      A smitten Delta uses songwriting to get closer to a local performer, but just as she's feeling vulnerable, her ex-husband shows up to try to win her back.
    • 18. The Initiates

    • 19. Blackout

    • 20. R.I.P

    • 21. The Short Sell

    • 22. Pilot