• Air date: 04 Aug '23 8 episodes
      A reserved freezer van driver gets pushed into a chaotic situation, that puts him and his loved ones in danger, forcing him to take extreme steps.
  • List of Episodes (8)
    • 1. The Blood Moon

      04 Aug '23
      A woman's body in his freezer van and an unusual task from his boss lands Dayaa in a pickle. Should he heed his fisherman friend Prabha's advice?
    • 2. The Grave

      04 Aug '23
      Kaushik, the husband of popular journalist Kavitha Naidu, lodges a police complaint when she goes missing. On receiving a threatening call, Dayaa panics and seeks Prabha's help.
    • 3. Middle of Nowhere

      04 Aug '23
      Dayaa and Prabha see an opportunity to get rid of their problem when they come across an old woman's corpse. However, later, their van goes missing.
    • 4. Who Are You?

      04 Aug '23
      With the cops chasing them, Dayaa and his friends find themselves in grave danger. While Shabana tries to set things right, IPS Harischandra reveals a shocking truth.
    • 5. The Twist

      04 Aug '23
      Dayaa and Prabha get into trouble while trying to retrieve the buried corpse. As they attempt to escape, a scary surprise awaits them.
    • 6. The Evidence

      04 Aug '23
      In her interview with Kavitha, Swecha reveals why she was raped. In the present, Dayaa brings in help to retrieve the pen drive from Kavitha.
    • 7. The Sorry

      04 Aug '23
      Dayaa goes in search of Swecha but gets waylaid by Prabha's call for help. While Kabir finds Shabana, Harry meets Parashurama Raju with a warning.
    • 8. The Saga

      04 Aug '23
      Dayaa's rage is unleashed. As Kavitha's death gives Kaushik a new purpose, Parashurama Raju gets an unpleasant surprise.