• Air date: 02 Apr '15 13 episodes
      Kaoru is an office lady you can find anywhere, serious and works diligently, but her husband is a super otaku and more-or-less a NEET. She is caught up in one of her husband's whims one day or the subject of his concerns another, but the two are so close that it's embarrassing to even watch them!
  • List of Episodes (13)
    • 1. Wriggling Memories

      02 Apr '15
      Kaoru takes Hajime with her down a trip on memory lane.
    • 2. Snipe Better

      09 Apr '15
      Kaoru's insecurities about her marriage are raised by compatibility tests.
    • 3. Husband and Wife's XXX

      17 Apr '15
      The body is made of pins. Blood is the ball and the heart is the lane...
    • 4. I Only Draw Free

      24 Apr '15
      Watch while eating some grilled mackerel, or something.
    • 5. Take Me to the Ryokan

      01 May '15
      The hot springs episode!
    • 6. Sabinuki Girlfriend

      08 May '15
      Boy meets girl.
    • 7. Kaoru and Her Husband

      15 May '15
      The winter's biggest festa in Odaiba.
    • 8. Mayotama's Explosive Appearance

      22 May '15
      Come at me like your life depended on it!
    • 9. Made a Wish, It got True, and I got in Trouble

      28 May '15
      Kaoru and Hajime visit Hajime's parents, who chastise him for not getting a job.
    • 10. Fool Couple

      04 Jun '15
      After hearing about a cheating husband, Kaoru remembers competing with a colleague for Hajime's affection.
    • 11. The Weight of Value, and the Value of Weight

      12 Jun '15
      And now we begin the real 2nd thread!
    • 12. Baby Skip Beat

      18 Jun '15
      Kaoru and Hajime consider how the baby will affect their futures.
    • 13. Happy Days

      25 Jun '15
      Everyone gathers to think of a name for Kaoru's and Hajime's child.