Damaged : Season 1

    • Air date: 06 Jun '18 15 episodes
  • List of Episodes (15)

    1. The Wall

    • A case of a missing famous painter is handed over to C.B.I. who is secretly buried in a wall by a beautiful baker.

    2. The Victim

    • An Urdu poet falls prey to a revengeful baker, while Crime Bureau of Investigation interrogates the key suspects of missing painter's case.

    3. The Trust

    • Another case of a missing writer is handed over to CBI, while Lovina birdy gathers trust among her close people.

    4. The Pattern

    • Dhruv Mullick gets successful in cracking a pattern of missing people, while Lovina destroys everything given to her by her ex-boyfriends.

    5. The backstory

    • Bijoy narrates a story of a young girl who killed her boyfriend and ran, while he captures a stalker and manages to drown him in a well.

    6. The Ego

    • An ego clash between Abhay and Dhruv proves fatal to Dhawre's job, while Lovina falls in love with an extremely good guy.

    7. The Stalker

    • Drunken Dhawre dies while saving Lovina birdy from a surprise attack of the stalker.

    8. The Vanisher

    • 'Vanisher' makes it to the head-lines and Inspector Meenaxi Reddy joins CBI's team.

    9. The Perfect Guy

    • DIG trusts Dhruv over Abhay and allows him to lead the case, while Lovina gets bored by Apurv's good boy image.

    10. The Backfire

    • The perfect guy meets a dead end, while Dhruv and Meenaxi manage to connect 'Desire' bakery to their individual investigations.

    11. The Fear

    • Abhay and Dhruv reach Lovina's house through their personal investigations. Bijoy gets scared but the death of father patrick and lust for Lovina, makes him stay.

    12. The Trap

    • Lovina is called to Police station for the case of missing Rohan, while Rohan is kidnapped by the Stalker. Dhruv's growing ego clashes with his team mates, while Abhay increases proximities with lovina.

    13. Keep Your Enemies Closer

    • Dhruv is sure about Lovina's involvement and does a thorough research on her, while Meenaxi traces Rohan and comes to know about the stalker, Neil Bhatt.

    14. The Revelation

    • The cake delivered to a customer from Desire bakery comes with a finger, which happens to be of Dhawre. DIG gives case back to Abhay, which fuels Dhruv with anger and revenge. He digs more and finds out truth about Neil bhatt.

    15. Game Over?

    • Everything boils down to Lovina Birdy. Abhay and Dhruv reach Lovina's house to save her but the confusion kills dhruv and the fear of getting caught kills Abhay. Lovina, the Vanisher survives.