Cutthroat Kitchen : Season 9

List of Episodes (14)

1. Camp Cutthroat - Porks and Rec

2. Stop, Drop and Flambe

  • One of the firefighter chefs gets hosed in the chili cheese fries challenge. Then, a burning buffalo chicken sandwich factory fires up the contestants. Finally, the chefs' dishes go up in flames.

3. Camp Cutthroat - Wet, Hot, American Sabotage

4. The Truck Stops Here

5. Camp Cutthroat - Rock Wall Me, Amadeus

6. Greece Lightning

  • Two chefs rumble on ancient Greek rubble. Then, it's the blind leading the blindfolded in a seafood risotto challenge. Finally, it's a head-to-head battle that's nothing but monkey business.

7. Camp Cutthroat - If It Bleeds, We Can Skillet

8. Grandma-tage

  • One grandma gets down to the "knitty" gritty on an afghan. Then, a granny cooks a casserole with a torch. Finally, someone is forced to eat a whole lot of humble pie.

9. Camp Cutthroat - The Great Troutdoors

10. Taco Dirty to Me

  • Guest judge David Alan Grier dives into some breakfast tacos. Then, things get romantic when two chefs get hitched. Finally, one chef gets taken for a ride on the CTK Express.

11. Operation Gumbo Drop

  • One chef finds themselves working around the clock. Then, someone makes gumbo by tossing their ingredients from a balcony. Finally, white chocolate macadamia drives everybody nuts.

12. We Came, We See-Sawed, We Conquered

  • It's toad in a hole on a trio of funky pans. Then, it's up and down for two chefs cooking on a see-saw. Finally, one chef's plan for a perfect Napoleon is "blown apart.

13. Sabootage 2: Electric Boo-Galoo

14. null